By Lere Olayinka

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Olusegun Oni has described claim by former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Bola Tinubu that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was planning to get him incarcerated because of his role in the installation of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) governors in the Southwest through the judiciary as an assault on the collective intellects of Nigerians, adding that; “Tinubu and his ilk are only being pursued by their fraudulent shadows.”

Oni, in a statement issued by his Chief Media Aide, Mr. Wale Ojo-Lanre said it was insulting for anyone to claim that the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice was being put under pressure to “look for any offence, no matter how flimsy” to arrest a character like Tinubu, who is noted for drug peddling, operation of foreign accounts while serving as governor and purchase of almost everything in Lagos with his ill-gotten wealth.

The former governor, who also alleged that he was aware of plot by Tinubu and his hawks to assassinate him said; “They held a meeting in Lagos a few days ago where it was agreed that noose should be tightened against Chief Segun Oni for his stance on the mafia being led by Tinubu himself.”

He however declared that no amount of threat, blackmail and intimidation would stop him from rising against the mafia that was threatening the existence of Nigeria as a sane country, saying; “This time around, we are no longer going to keep quiet and allow this mafia the freedom to purchase the soul of Nigeria. If we do, we will all have ourselves to blame because then, they will rape or even kill our wives and if we go to court, nothing will happen because it is their men that will be met there.”

Calling on security agencies in the country not to treat Tinubu's claim that he was being targeted for assassination with levity, Oni said; “We all know the way this mafia operates. When they want to kill someone, they will be the first to raise the alarm that someone is after their lives. When they want to rig elections or secure black market judgments, they are always the first to accuse others of planning to rig, bribe judges or arrest judgement. That is their modus operandi and definitely this time, they are out to kill someone.”

While urging anti-graft agencies in the country, especially the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) not allowed themselves to be intimidated by Tinubu and his likes, the former governor noted that; “The whole world are watching to see how a man who only used the immunity clause to escape prosecution five years ago has not been made to face the law now that he no longer enjoys immunity.

“Therefore, whether he leading the opposition party, which he is ostensibly funding with proceeds of corruption, Tinubu and any other person for that matter, must be treated as being above the law. After all, there are Nigerians who are PDP chieftains, private business men and women who are being tried for alleged corruption and no one is reading politics into their trials.”