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Making it to a new year is something people look forward to. It has always been a thing of joy to everyone. The first night of the year would no doubt, have a lot of activities, as partners see it as a special one. Saturday Sun went to town to ask people how they spent the first night with their spouses and below are their responses.

Kate Thomas
I spent it alone. My partner was not around. The night was boring and lonely. I needed someone to tell me sweet words but he was not there. I felt bad but all the same, I appreciated God for giving me that privilege to cross over.

Anumaka Chinenye
I prayed with my husband. We discussed how the year would be. After a long talk, when we felt we had settled issues, we went to bed and made love.

Joy Odega
Fortunately, I don't have a physical partner. I have a spiritual partner, Jesus, who is the husband of the widow. I spent the night with Him. I was telling Him how sweet He has been since He married me, how He has taken care of me and my children and that He has never hurt me. I spoke with Him at length and I slept off.

Patrick Ekechukwu
It was a thing of joy to cross over to a new year. It is not by any man's will but that of the Lord. For couples, it was supposed to be a night of recounciliations, discussions, setting of targets for the year, and renewing of marriage vows. It was a night of assessment of how they took care of themselves in the past year. So, it was a glorious night. For me, I have never stopped loving and caring for my wife and children. That night, we saw it as a night of appreciating each other.

Amarachi Ejimofor
I was not in any man's hands. I went to visit my sister that day and I passed the night with her. So, nothing serious except that we discussed how we wanted the year to be for us. We discussed our family and we arrived at what we would do in order to have a successful year. After much discussions, we retired to bed.

Favour Peters
It was fun galore. My husband and I were happy that we crossed over to a new year. We acknowledged the fact that it was not by our power. We talked, chatted and played. The night was full of fun and enjoyment. We did all we knew. We made love passionately and appreciated each other. We renewed our love and promised to keep each other happy always. I wished that the day would never break. Being in his hands was lovely.

Azubuike Ogaraku
It was a special night. Usually, first night of the year has always been a special night for my wife and I. It was a night of fun. I admired, cherished and promised her my unlimited love. After much appreciation, we retired to bed.

Victoria Ejimofor
We spent the night praying to God. It was quite a difficult year for us financially, but we thanked God for keeping us alive to see the new year year despite all the difficuties we passed through during the year. It was a glorious night.

Sandra Chimezie
Unfortunately, my husband travelled outside the country. We chatted on Facebook throughout the night till the next day because I missed him so much. It wasn't as romantic as being together physically. Even though we were seeing each other on the internet, I missed every romantic moment we shared. But because he was not around, I slept alone.

Chika Ekechukwu
Each night is a special night for us because we have never stopped loving each other. We have never stopped appreciating each other since we got married. He is such a kind, caring and wonderful husband and father. We showed appreciation to God for seeing us through the new year but not that we did what we have never done previously. We appreciate each other on a daily basis and I prefer it that way.