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On Christmas eve, Lagos residents trooped to the expansive New Expo Hall of the Eko Hotels for the debut edition of Koko concert.

It was the first time the Don Jazzy-led label would put up all its artistes' for performance all through a night that drew thousands of fans to the Island venue while hundreds gave live feedback using social networking websites.

By the time the show ended in the wee hours of the next morning, the crowd moved in different direction, with many heading for any of the surrounding clubs to party till Christmas dawn proper. One of such people was Bolanle Okhiria aka Miss B, winner of the Koko Mansion reality show.

Bolanle had strolled to her parked Jeep (which she won from the competition) outside the hotel hoping to head for club REHAB.

'I was about pulling out then I wound down the glass just to see my tyres properly so I'd know how to turn the wheel.

Two guys just showed up and demanded for my phones. I gave them my BB (Blackberry) and my Nokia and they left. Thank God that was all. At least, they didn't harm me', Bolanle explained.

The New expo Hall is currently the only suitable venue for top-notch shows in Nigeria. Apart from being expensive, inside the hotel where it's located is pretty safe for guests however there's the risk of predictability.

Hoodlums lurk outside waiting for preys. One might need to de-congest people traffic in this direction by creating suitable venue alternatives for top-class shows.