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When a woman wears any
type of hairstyle for 4 weeks or more the hair can become dry, and filled with build up of dust, sweat, and oils.  The natural hair can even begin to get matted like a dreadlock.  And when the natural hair is mixed with hair attachments there is a tendency for the hair to tangle in with the add-on hair as it gets older.

It is hard for the hair to
breathe when we wear hair weaves, so women must keep the hair clean to prevent bacteria growth on the scalp.  Your hair should be shampooed while wearing these hair styles, use leave-in conditioners and oils to protect your natural hair under the hair extensions and braids.

If you wear bonding glue
hair weaves, the hairstyle should not exceed 2 weeks so that the hair and scalp can be cleansed to allow fresh air to the scalp.  For Lace front extensions, after shampooing the hair, re-apply the glue adhesive to the front  of  the scalp for a smooth look.

Alopecia, scalp
discolorations, white spots and persistent flaking of the scalp (dandruff) are all byproducts that have been on the increase due to improper maintenance and removal methods of braids and hair extensions.

Suffering hair loss
The natural hair of a woman
is her crown and glory, and should be cared for and maintained no matter what hairstyle she is adorning.

When we do not take the
time to care for our hair, or demand that our hairstylist respects our hair; it is a manifestation of lack of self worth and love of self.

It is never too late start loving your natural hair.  For more questions and concerns.