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Growing Insecurity In Nigeria

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'First they came for the communists, and I did not speak up because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak up because I was not a trade unionists. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak up because  I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to speak up'. Pastor Martin Niemoller. (1812-1984)  

  I suppose we can say the same thing about Nigeria. First it was the massacre of Christians in the North, mostly Ibos.   From Bulunkutu to Sokoto and to Kano and we all said nothing because we did not live in the North and we were not Ibos. Then it was Gideon Akaluka in Kano. An innocent man who was decapitated and had his head impaled on a stick in Kano by Islamists and we all kept quiet because we did not live in Kano. Then it was Dele Giwa and assassination by letter bomb and we all kept quiet because we were not his relatives. Then they came for Kudi Abiola and she was blown away by the agents of government, we still did not say anything because were not Kudi Abiola's children.   Then it was the Niger delta, Odi, Zaki Biam, Jos, Abuja, Bayelsa and Bayelsa. We have not seen anything yet. As April of 2011 approaches, we will have unexplained assassinations within and outside of the PDP. These goons in the PDP will make sure they waste anyone who attempts to deprive them of their loot.    Wives and children will be collateral damage and as it is, the election may not even hold after all.   It is do or die in the PDP. Yet we manage to regionalize these senseless killings; we choose to produce useless govt. white paper whose recommendations are never implemented and of course we all go home to sleep until the next crisis.  

  The way it is, Nigeria is sliding towards anarchy. We are facing a potential situation akin to what is in Mogadishu. Islamic radicals are on the loose in Nigeria. They are bent on 'sinking the Quoran in the sea'. When that phony, Yerima Sanni officially introduced Sharia law into Northern Nigeria; Christian leaders were too engrossed into preaching prosperity to see the potential danger in what the man did. He created a state within a state. Yet former president Obasanjo was too spineless to reaffirm the secularity of Nigeria. He was too engrossed in power than to create a level playing ground for all. He allowed political Sharia to germinate. He changed the rules in the middle of the game. Rather than affirm the secularity of Nigeria, he chose to attend the D8 meeting of Islamic countries. When Babangida smuggled Nigeria into the Organization of Islamic countries, our Christian leaders were busy acquiring things of the world, shaking down their flock, posturing with fake miracles and mouthing inanities. Of course as we can see, the result is the encroachment of Alqueda on Nigeria. The Christmas Eve bombing in Jos is a fall out of the Sharia law in Northern Nigeria. While OBJ had the opportunity to be a fair arbiter, he managed to describe the 'CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA AS MY FOOT' He kept quiet because those people killed were not his own.   When Ambassadors from Islamic countries managed to be so undiplomatic to attend the Sharia declaration in Zamfara state, in complete violation of the secularity of Nigeria, we all kept quiet because we were not Northerners. I guess the chicken has come home to roost.  

  In a perverse way, I admire Moslems. I admire the fact that they stand up for what they believe in. They were honest to admit via a video message by the Islamiya group that they were behind the Christmas Eve massacre in Jos. They were not shy about their evil deeds. Though it is convenient for our politicians to term it a political crisis, the point is someone is using the Islamists.   Some one is making deals with them to create enough crises in the country, to destabilize Nigeria. If we add that to the intrigues and in fighting going on within the PDP, we can see that the cocktail becomes very poisonous.  

  Haven't we been warned by all the gladiators in the PDP that they will make violent change inevitable if the zoning arrangement, an arrangement totally exclusive to the PDP is not enforced?   I see they forget that the PDP is not synonymous with Nigeria. Now that bombing, assassination, kidnapping of political opponents and non opponents is the norm, it is obvious that things have fallen part in Nigeria. The center definitely can no longer hold. Let me put in a word for Good luck Jonathan. I am not a great fan of his, but it is obvious some people are trying to destabilize Nigeria to make him look weak and unable to guarantee lives and property of an average Nigerian. Except that Boko haram, Maitasine had been there long before he came on board and may be there forever if we continue this way. .None the less,   I still maintain the man has no business with the PDP, but since he got to where he is in the company of robbers and the jailers of our souls, he needs to find a way of extricating himself from the stranglehold of the PDP. HE IS ON HIS OWN.  

  No doubt, the insecurity we are witnessing in Nigeria is a fall out of the madness in the PDP. It is for that reason that we all have to come together to DEFEAT THE PDP IN APRIL OF 2011 BY ALL MEANS AND ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. These people are apostles of Do or Die politics. They do not mind to destroy Nigeria in the process. We also know those in the opposition who moonlight as PDP members. We must all come together to get rid of them.  

  If we allow the PDP to come back into power in 2011, then we are doomed. They will sell our children into slavery. They will debase our women and enslave our men. The few that will survive the onslaught of the PDP will sell their souls to the devil for sustenance. Men will offer their wives to lovers to get stale bread. Mothers will encourage their daughters to go into prostitution to assuage the hunger that will be unleashed on us by the looters in the PDP. Nigeria will crash.   We will all flee from Nigeria in search of stale bread.  

  There will be nothing in Nigeria for us to eke out a miserable living. What we consider as mass emigration today will become desperate flight from the monster of the PDP. We will beg Ghana and smaller African countries to enslave us just t escape from Nigeria. The Western world will not allow us in. They will shut their borders against us just as we flee the wrath and debasement of the PDP.   We must make sure that we destroy the PDP. These people have an unwritten pact for MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION.  

  We do not have to be part of it. If we can defeat the PDP, then we can bring them to justice, beginning with FORMER PRESIDENT Olusegun Obasanjo, the Apostle of Do or Die politics, and    his fellow garrison commanders. We will be able to repair the damage done to our psyche. We will be able to get young brilliant hands within and outside Nigeria to man the economy of our land. We will be able to reclaim our lost glory. Until then, our major goal should be the defeat of the PDP in 2011 and bringing the looters of our economy to justice.  

  Enough is enough. Please do not keep quiet because you are in Diaspora. We all have families, friends and loved ones in Nigeria. We all need to retire someday.    We all need to go back home and not even wait for retirement to give our best to Nigeria. The Irish did it; the Israelis did it after independence. The Indians do not get professional certification to drive cabs in the USA.  

  The Asian tigers relied on the expertise and support of their people in Diaspora to attain the enviable status they have today. We can do it too. Now, let us move and get going beginning with the defeat of all PDP candidates from Local government level to the highest position in the land.  

  We can do it.     By Folake Oritsejetemenu Olanrewaju