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Sandra Johnson
If there is one thing I like doing, it is showering my spouse with gifts. I do not have a particular period. Any time I see something that I like, I buy it for him. I have given him perfume, singlet, boxers, etc. These are the ones I can remember now. I don't wait for a particular time to give him gifts. I do it anytime I like depending on my mood.

Shelle Fatima
I can remember giving him perfume and underwears. We shower each other with gifts as a sign of our love and appreciation towards each other. He just came back from Ghana and gave me a wrist watch. He often gives me perfumes, handsets, etc. We just do it and it has become part of us.

Bankole Akeem
Whatever that would make my wife look good, I buy it for her. During festive periods like Christmas, I always make sure that I shower her with gift items that would make her look cute. I don't like my wife to look unkempt. The gifts I love giving her are dresses, shoes, jewellery and underwears. I feel good each time men admire her. If men don't admire her, it means that I don't take care of her. I wouldn't like her to look at other women and feel jealous and at the same time, I wouldn't like her to go outside to get what I neglect to give her. So, I shower her with lots of gifts.

Abigail Akunezili
I am not a gift person but I have given him underwears. It is my husband that is always giving me gifts. He buys something he likes for me and I am always happy each time he surprises me with gifts.

Ogechi Offormezie
I have not bought my husband any gift, though I intend giving him a memorable gift because it is the season of celebration. I will buy it for him when I go shopping because haven't shopped for Christmas. I have been very busy but I will find time to do so before Christmas day.

Olajire Ishola
The special gift ever given to my wife is my love.

Gladys Johnson
I intend buying him a wristwatch because he adores wristwatch and I think he will appreciate it. Though he has bought me a wristwatch as Christmas gift and I appreciated it because I needed it. So, I will buy him the same kind of wristwatch because he would expect such a gift from me.

Ebele Chimezie
I will buy my sweetheart boxers and singlet because he is a very loving person. He deserves it. He showers me with gifts, so I don't relent during celebration of love like Christmas and Valentine. We always give each other gifts, but this season is exceptional.

Amaka Okoro
I can't remember buying him any gift and I don't intend giving him a gift because I believe Christmas is a season when we should concentrate more on our spiritual lives than sharing gifts.

Mike E.
My spouse has always been my hand- bag and my special gift to her at Christmas is a diamond necklace, a pair of shoes and a dress to match.

This will make her believe that I care, and that my love for her will never die.

Lanre Ajeboriogbon
Just my love
Thankgod Isiguzo
I buy gifts for my wife anytime. I don't have any special day to buy gift for her.