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Merry Christmas everybody!! It's merry-merry season and there will be lots to eat and drink; so lets talk about eating, drinking and the effects on our body weight and health.

Sometime ago, I talked about ladies who are desperate to add some flesh by all means. They eat and eat all kinds of fatty foods and drinks, all sorts of sweetened- flavoured drinks but they still look very skinny to the extent that you think they are sick. If you belong to this group and desired to add some flesh, bear in mind that it is not just about eating too much food and drinking fizzy drinks but, there are other things involved.

After that topic, I got quite good reactions from fellow women who are hiding under their roof daring to even step out side due to their overweight condition. Well, this is Christmas so stop hiding your (fat) body and exhale with Joy! Be merry and have fun but be careful what to eat and drink. One of the readers said - 'Jacqui every morning, I wake up, the first thing that comes to my mind are- what am I going to wear; the ugly stares, a-uc-ch, o-oohs, sounds, I get from people; everyday is a total nightmare Jacqui'. Another lady says - 'How could those ladies cry for being skinny, they should consult people as fat as I am for lessons; they have not eaten enough'

These fat ladies find or see it ridiculous for someone to cry or be concerned about being skinny. To them it makes no sense. Well, that is life for you. Different strokes for different folks. The Situation here is that people who are fat feel that being fat destroys everything about them. Overweight certainly, is very unhealthy and kills instantly as well but that does not mean, being fat is the end of the road. Being fat does not mean you are ugly unless you see yourself as ugly. I have coached a lot of overweight people who are blessed with other beautiful body features as well as inner beauty but they hardly notice or enhance them. All they do is just focus on being fat; wallowing in self pity, Frustration, depression and misery. Why should a fat woman with clear- radiant skin, natural silky long hair, beautiful nails plus intelligence, good manners focus only on her fatness? Being fat is just one aspect of a human being who is fat. For the fact that you are fat, does not mean your life must revolve around it. There is need for you to make serious plans and find a means of losing weight because overweight kills prematurely.

My talk today is not about encouraging fat/overweight people to be passive and careless about it but, not to close other chapters of their lives and grieve on being fat. Unfortunately, the people who focus so much about how fat they look are also the group that either does nothing about it or feels very reluctant to pursue a serious targeted-planned fitness/weight loss programme. When you focus and grieve about something day-in-out, you hardly have extra energy and determination left to do something about it. If you are fat, and you are talented, intelligent, do something about your weight but never forget to explore and unveil your talent. You can achieve your goals or dreams with your talent, fat or not fat. If you ban yourself from pursuing and exploring your talents due to your body physique, and at the same time not doing anything about your weight but only grieve; what then does your life look like? Certainly boring and unproductive. Apart from models, if anyone denies you a career or job, because you are fat, do not think twice or feel bad abut it.

The job was simply not yours. How about marriage, Jacqui? Well, if a man simply refuses to marry you because you are fat, forget him. A man who marries a woman because of outward beauty and neglects the inner qualities like good manners, virtue, morals, and intelligence certainly does not know what he wants. Again, as I said earlier, you can be fat but has good attitude and other beautiful body features; appreciate these good parts of your body and you will feel better. This does not mean, you will neglect working on your weight.

While you focus on losing weight, get busy with your life and love yourself for who you are in the inside. Inside beauty counts more than the outside appearance.

Hei, its Ok………. to be fat and still step out in your favourite H&M, NINE WEST DENIM looking Smashy.

this Xmas Season.
BW wants you to…….. Spend wisely and not allow our materialistic society to rule you.

BW says…………
Buffet parties are for variety picks and not 'operation demolition'

As the partridge sitteth on eggs, and hatchet them not; so he that getteth riches not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool. Jeremiah 17:11

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