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Marriage is not meant to be an institution one go into for a while and later opt out, but an institution designed by God for lifetime commitment, love, companionship, procreation and most importantly to have a sense of respect and responsibility in the society at large. The high rate of divorce in this present generation is so alarming and this can be linked to the fact that people walk down the aisles for the wrong reasons without putting into consideration the key factors and principles guiding a successful marriage.

In this society of ours, once a lady attain the marriageable age and nothing is forthcoming, people tend to perceive her in a wrong manner and pressure sets in right, left, center which may trigger her action to compromise and settle for less. So many ladies has ended up settling down with the man they don't love due to pressure but at the long run, they give in for divorce when they couldn't mend their differences and tolerate one another and then the big question is why succumb to pressure that will create emptiness, sadness and pain for you later in future. Here are tips to help ladies handle pressure when due for marriage.

1. Never see it as a problem but a phase in your life:
Always have it at the back of your mind that God created a man for every woman the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh. But when you consider your present situation as a plight, it becomes a plight because as a man thinketh so be it and more also it will only leave you dejected and frustrated when you admits that is a problem.

2. Don't be desperate:
Never allow desperation to set in because this will only make you disadvantage and make people take advantage of you.

3. Never isolate yourself:
Try to engage yourself in constructive activities that will keep you busy and happy, because once you start to isolate yourself, negative thought creeps in and leads to psychological trauma.

4. Have a confidant:
Confide in people who wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction.

5. Give reasons why you taking your time:
Let concern parties know that marriage is by no means a guarantee of a good permanent relationship except only if right and good choices are made and more also marriage is about readiness not year of birth.

6. Build yourself esteem:
Feeling bad about yourself makes you more vulnerable to pressure. So learn to develop a strong sense of identity, be clear about what you want out of life. If you are sure about your values, then you will be less likely to compromise them for someone else.