By Alonge Michael
Olu Maintain
Olu Maintain
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The Yahooze's crooner, Olumide Adegbulu a.k.a. Mr. Olu Maintain is said to have recently enmeshed in a deal that nearly burnt his fingers. As the story was told, Olu, we learnt was with Kracy Bondo, the guy who raps in his Yahoozee's Remix directed by Jordan Johnson, at the Airport when some bank cheque books and several other bank documents were caught in his possession.

The rumour also has it that, as soon as the lid was opened, Kracy Bondo informed the SSS that Olu was a part player of the deal they were supposed to execute. So, he was said to have indicted the self-acclaimed best artiste in Nigeria. Though, before now, Kracy Bondo who was said to have been brought to Lagos through the help of Tony Tetuila, has been known as a notorious scammer whose role in the Yahoozee's song is endless. Olu, according to information, was said to have been squeezed on interrogation of his involvement with the deal but he denied knowing anything about it. After he had scaled through the hurdles, Olu, we learnt, denied knowing Kracy Bondo was said to have spent over 3million Naira to get his name totally erased from the purported scam.

On a fact-finding-mission, Olu's number was not available when we tried to ask for his own side of the story but his manager, Destiny, debunked the story and said Olu wasn't in town and that Kracy Bondo was in London too. Meanwhile, the reliable sources insist that Kracy Bondo is rotten in one of the prisons in Nigeria. How the media was blindfolded over this scam remains a mystery.
However, until the truth prevails, the story still continues.