Nollywood actor Nonso set to marry next year

Source: Benjamin NJOKU -

Nonso Odogwu, the handsome, fast-rising actor popularly known as Dafe in the television soap, “Just The Two of Us” may just be singing the song “Just The Two of Us” very soon only this time it would not be in the world of make-belief of television or movie but the gritty-nitty world of marriage as the rumour making round now is that the actor is hooked and has had his eyes set nowhere else but at the altar.

A close friend of the actor let loose the gist and gave a vivid detail of how Nonso some 14 or 15 months ago had gone to a church to rendevous with a date he was knocking around with then. unknown to Nonso he was to meet a woman that would change his world. So, Nonso met this dame and as they say, one thing led to another and the rest is history.

Though Nonso would not own up to the gist but the way he was cagey about the issue it was obvious enough the guy has been truly struck by the Cupid's arrows as he neither denied it nor confirmed the gist. Yet our source is damn sure the first quarter of next year has been picked for the wedding.

Congratulations in advance Nonso, you are damned too good-looking to be walking around without a leash, you know?