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Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State recently won an unusual prize for good governance.

A kinsman, who felt the governor was a worthy ambassador of his native Ubima community presented a bunch of plantains to him.The 'surprise' gift came shortly after the governor, who had just returned from vacation, inspected some school projects at Ipo and Ubima communities where he condemned the quality of materials used at some of the sites.

At the Model Primary School in Ubima, the governor urged the contractor to expedite action and ensure timely completion of work on the drainage and borehole.

Shortly after the inspection, a popular local socialite in Ubima, Mr. Nna Wali, told the governor that he had a special gift for him.

Being a local farmer, not a few of those in the governor's entourage wondered what nature of gift could come from Mr. Wali.

The suspense soon melted in smiles when Wali pulled a bunch of plantains and handed it over to the governor.

Explaining his gesture later, the farmer said he found Governor Amaechi, 'a proud ambassador' of their community 'by his deeds and actions'.

A self-appointed representative of the people, Wali assured the governor that he has the support of all men of goodwill in the state.

A smiling Governor Amaechi later thanked the farmer for the gift.

Competition has been described as the only option for the survival of business enterprise. Competition is said to be far more dynamic and complex than it was days before the emergence of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Speaking at a lecture entitled: 'Sourcing of production machinery and equipment for competitive small and medium industrial production, job and wealth creation' organised by the National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM), Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, South South Zonal Office, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Mr Bayo Adeeyo, said competition engenders change through innovation, while innovation is the bedrock of productivity:

'It is changes (sometimes little changes) that give products and services competitive edge in the market place. As change is inevitable so is competition, we can neither avoid it nor stop it. Thus the wise choice is to prepare for it, engage in it and prevail. The key word here is change. Changes (upgrading of products and services) through continuous innovation is the key to survival.

'Appropriate machinery is a major factor in productivity, while productivity (achievable through efficient utilization of input resources) is the basis for competitiveness. The use of the right machinery couple with adequate training of the machine operator could reduce defect and guarantees consistent quality. While low maintenance cost and long useful life among others, are characteristics of an appropriate machine for a product.'

He said whether the equipment is to be procured locally or imported is secondary once the equipment being considered is the best in the rating of those charged with the responsibility of the equipment selection.

He counselled governments at all levels to ensure the sustainability of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME's) considering the very important role it plays in economic development, job and wealth creation in countries around the world:

'Its sustainable growth and prosperity should be paramount to all governments. Therefore without prejudice to the invaluable and indispensable role of large corporations to economic development and prosperity of nations, it is expedient to pay more attention to survival and sustainable growth of the acknowledge engine of growth and highest employer of labour in all countries of the world.'