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By NBF News
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SIR: The Nigerian fashion industry is fast becoming an industry to reckon with internationally. Our fashion designers are churning out eye-popping designs, even our tailors are not left out because they do the finishing touches.

The other day, I went shopping and got myself decent-looking shirts. The shirts were labelled 'TM shirts London,' but of course the price gave them away. I knew there was no way they could be the real TM shirts. The sewing was neat and the fitting perfect. The only problem I had with these shirts was the fact that the materials were sub-standard.

If my Nigerian brothers can be this creative, what stops them from having labels of their own? Why can't we use standard materials to produce these outfits? We have all it takes to make clothes far better than the 'so called' designers of this world. All that we lack is self-confidence and being proud of who we are - 'Great Nigerians.'

Our Nigerian designers should please use quality materials to produce Trendy and Modest clothes. I for one will be the first to patronise them, and I'm sure I am speaking the mind of many Nigerians. Let us be proud and boast of quality things made in our dear country.