Fatima Giwa
Fatima Giwa

In December 2004 when the thought of dabbling into catering services cropped up little did this woman of essences, Fatima Giwa know that the terrain she was going into would soon become her bedrock of relevance. But today, when it comes to mentioning names of reputable catering outfits whose services are unalloyed, the name, Fahraz Catering Services will stand out, the reason is that, their late entrance has not only recorded unprecedented success but has been lauded for their proficiency by people who have had one or two contact with them.

Fatima Giwa, the giant of a woman who sits atop this catering and cake designing reveals that her incursion into the business is based on her passion for cooking.
“Cooking has always been my hobby, but talking of how I came into it, I would say, it's by divine intervention. I catered for an uncle of mine who was wedding, at the wedding reception, I was dazed when virtually all the guests at the party commended my culinary ability and asked for my cards. I never knew it was going to be like this.
After while, I started receiving calls from family friends to cater for their events and it graduated to other people, then the thought of doing it big now came up and I never hesitated doing it the big way, all thanks to God and my mother who remains my pillar of support today..” She revealed.

Before now, Fatima, as we also gathered, used to travel to Dubai, Europe and America to shop for her fashion shop located in Ogba area of Lagos, but now, she seems fulfilled in this terrain she has been making a statement.
“You know it's always good for one to have basic knowledge of whatever she wants to do, before I set up Fahraz, I registered at Africa Cuisine on Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos where I broadened by knowledge in caking making and designing, Africa and continental food, etc. so, I didn't just come into it, I took my time to study the terrain very well, this is why we are miles ahead our competitors.” Fatima boasted.

But on the area of challenges faced in this business, the beautiful and very plump Ikeja based society big gal informed that, a lot of people discriminate over names and prefer to deal with big names in the business but I can tell you that we know our onions in this business and since we started we have never declined from our goal which is to compete favourably with the existing big names in catering business and this has been working for us” She reinvigorated.
Fahraz Catering Services which has extended her business tentacle as they now train people on how to bake, design and prepare food, now has an outlet in Ilorin, Kwara State and before the first quarter of this year, the Abuja outlet would have opened.