By NBF News

Why do you think you are suitable to succeed 'Ibro' at the Lugard House in 2011?

I have clearly defined objectives for wanting to be the governor. My mission is to unite the people and harness the resources of the state for rapid development. Kogi is blessed with human, agricultural and mineral resources; what is required is the leaders to harness these things towards productive output.

The vision I have is to see a new Kogi that can compete with other states. I agree we don't receive oil derivation allocation and our allocation is low, but we don't need to depend exclusively on the federation to develop the state.

The inertia is there and those silent things are there in Kogi, all we need to do is to wake them up. The moribund Ajaokuta Steel Complex and Itakpe Iron Ore are both economic giants lying idle. Within the Ajaokuta Steel complex, for instance, there are some companies that have been completed, those companies need to be reactivated and made operational.

You are from the East senatorial district like Governor Idris who is just rounding up eight years and some people are talking of power shift in Kogi. Do you think their argument can hold water?

Anyone from anywhere can vie for power the same way my brother from Kogi Central and Kogi West can do it too.

I am not playing the ethnic card. It was not my decision to be born from where I was born, if I was not born in Igalaland, I could have been born in Kogi West or Kogi central. Where I was born was a decision by the creator, the almighty God. I believe Kogi needs development and the best material should be allowed to rule at all times.

Will you agree that the power shift that Kogi needs is power shift to another party and not to PDP again in 2011?

Since inception of the Ibro government, many facilities have been done in the state. I am aware that he has tarred many roads within Lokoja, and in other senatorial districts. He did a lot at the Kogi State University. He ensured that new buildings and facilities were added at the university and that was why the institution received a lot of accreditation from the National Universities Commission.

The governor facilitated the extension of electricity from Geregu power plant to many towns in Kogi East. I am not going to be part of those condemning his achievements.