ACTS OF THE APOSTLES***Movie (a great film for the whole family)

By Chika Obodozie
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The furious commercial battle for control over the billion dollar Nigerian movie
enterprise had already begun.

The Nigerian based factions are insisting that they were the original investors,
promoters and distributors that turned the movie enterprise into a huge industry,
so that they must be in control and all Nigerian movies must be distributed through them.

The American based Nigerian factions are contending that it is the millions of dollars
generated around the world are fueling the great success of the Nigerian movie industry
to an unimaginable proportion. Nigeria like America is a democratic country with free
enterprise, so there must be free and fair competition.

As free and fair competition is the bone of contention, any of us can return home any
day and set up production, promotion and distribution facilities in Nigerian. In United States
any one can also do the same, but it won't be that easy for new comers because of the
sophisticated layers of production and the complexity of promotions and distribution of
movies in American can be overwhelming.

While both factions on the opposite sides of the Atlantic are trading war of words and
burning up large sums of money in communications and phone card bills, as action
speak louder than words, one of the American factions bought a multi-million dollar
building and caved it up into multiple units, with flex construction technology, any type
of comedy or romance movie can be filmed in the facility. Another American based faction
sent his project team to Nigeria in order to set up production, marketing and distribution
companies; they are to buy up all possible production and distribution companies.
He didn't give them instructions rather he gave an ultimatum to capture at least twenty five (25)
percent market share of the Nigerian movie business or don't ever come back to America.

As the commercial war of supremacy is ranging, ACTS OF THE APOSTLES**movie
which will provide a lots of opportunities for many people, will also serve as a bridge to peace.

Arrangements are being made to share both production and distribution rights to both the
Nigerian and American based factions.

Our supreme objective is to create a lucrative Nigerian/African movie empire for the benefit of
all Nigerians, Africans, and the International communities.


Production Team

(New Nigerian Movie)
That will showcase African culture, fashion and drama to the world.
Cheers and God Bless

Chika Obodozie