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Alex Lopez
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Tired of playing the seductress over and over again, sexy screen queen Alex Lopez is exploring the marital world, with her role in the on going TV soap Terima. Aired daily on STV, Terima deals with issues of religion,ethnicity,cultural background and who we are generally. It tells the story of widowhood and cultural clash between the three major tribes. Alex is playing Fatima, a northerner and daughter of an Imam married to a christian ibo man and trying to live with the conflict from both families. Alex who got her first real break in the home video world 1997 with her role in the movie Piccadilli and then Domitila part two, where she played a lesbian, speaks more on her role, her fashion and style.
Tell us more about your role as Fatima

Fatima is married to Emeka from the ibo culture and both families frown against this union, but the couple decided to stick together against all odds. And then what she goes through in the hands of her inlaws after Emaka dies. It tells a story of different cultural background from the hausa,ibo,and yoruba.it also deals with widowhood and and what the widows go through in the hands of their in-lkaws when the man eventually dies. Generally, the idea is the sensetize the viewers on the reality of situations like this. if we call ourselves one Nigerian,why shouldnt we be allowed vto do the things we want to do and get married to whoever, we work as one and stop discriminating .There are other issues woven around Terima as well, cultism, prostitution and more.

This is definately a shift from the seductress that you usually do? How easy or difficult is it for you to interpret your role?

I was given the script first to play a different role, later the Director came and asked that I play Fatima, because according to him I was the best candidate then that could do it. I dont have a northern background apart from being born and raised there. The Hausa language I grew up with does not exist in my present life, and I thought this was an opportunity to bring that back, so I decided to work with what I have.

I must say it is challenging, but I like it becuase it's quite different from what I've been used to playing. Right now, I am sick and tired of being given the same roles to play over and over again. So the best I can do to help myself is to choose my jobs. If TV is going to offer me what home video is not offering me then I'll stick with television. With Soaps I can express myself, be who I want to be and play the different characters that I want to play

So how has it been so far, your years in acting, the challenges and all?

Like any other industry, it's been up and down, we keep moving from one issue to the other It is the ability to overcome whatever comes your way that keeps you going. As human beings the obsatcles we encounter along the way, makes us appreciate life better and the sucess that comes our way.

Apart from acting what else do you do?

I was into poultry farming some years back and there are other things I'm working on.

Some of the clothes you wear on set portray you as a sex symbol, what is fashion like for Alex outside the set?

The kind of clothes I wear on set depends on the kind of role I am playing to help me interpret the role better. But in terms of Alex and fashion,like my friends say, my younger ones are more in tune with fashion than Iam. I like to keep it simple.

most of the time I go for jeans and t-shirts. I like clothes that my skin can breath in and that is why I go in spagetti tops. A lot of people think I like to expose my body so much, no, its just because our wether is hot and I need my skin to breath. At home I could go in a short and sagg top, I could go bare feet or wear bathroom silpers. I am not crazy about fashion, I wear anything that looks good on me.

What is make-up like for you?

I believe one's beauty is natural. I wear make-up only when I have to get on set, after that I leave my face bare, or go as light as possible.

Best skin care regimen?

I wash my face, cleanse with a toner, I endevour to scrub twice a week and use the facial mask once a week. I make it a routine not to go to sleep with make-up, I allow my face breath. I think it is the best you can do for your skin.

Signature fragrance?

I love Fendi.

You are not wearing any jewelry?

I am not a jewelry person. The tiny ones I have on, I sleep and bath with them. If you watch the movies I have done you will hardly see me changing acessories. I am as natural in my acting as Iam natural in my real life.

Best beauty item?

I am crazy about perfumes

What are the must-have items in your bag?

My Fendi perfume, my lipgloss, Mary Kay products, my mini bible and money.

Two most important people in your life?

Apart from God, my Mother and my 16 years old son

How do you relax?

I work out a lot. I also read novels and like my son would say, I love to sleep.

When you are not acting, what are you doing?

If am not acting or going about other things I am trying my hands on, I'm in the house. I love cooking and I love trying out new recipies.

What would you love to be remembered for?

Making people happy. I keep saying I would love to die on the pulpit. And pulpit to me means doing what God has created you to do to an extent, not necessirilly being in the church. I am working on some projects now and when they eventually take off, people will understand what Alex means by making people happy and puting smiles on peoples faces.