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The story being told in Ako Ife (Hardened Love) is basically about sickle cell anaemia. It brings the condition to the fore with a view to making the youth conscious of the importance of knowing their genotypes before getting married.

It highlights the pain and agony, the psychological trauma and emotional turmoil couples go through when they are saddled with children with sickle cell anaemia. It is indeed an issue-based story.

Here is how the story unfolds in the movie: Ajisafe has been married for six years and he is blessed with two kids. Unfortunately, the two kids die one after the other as their parents carry the SS genotype or blood group. Ajisafe is 'AS' while Ifesewa, the wife, is SS.

Looking for a solution to his problem, Ajisafe takes his younger brother, (Leke) into confidence, and pleads with him to have carnal knowledge of his wife so that she would be able to have a child that would keep his name. He does this because Femi's genotype is AA. He also pleads with his wife to cooperate with his brother.

After much pressure, both the wife and the brother agree and eventually make love.

The wife, however, becomes disillusioned after the act. She hates herself for doing what she did and thus takes to alcohol consumption to escape from the guilt that overwhelms her. The husband too feels bad but justifies his action with the prayer that the wife would get pregnant to enable him beget an heir.

In the same week, the wife, still battling with her psychological problem, goes to a bar for some drinks and gets drunk. Fortunately, her husband's driver sees her enter the bar and keepsa tab on her. Sure that she cannot drive the car herself after drinking alcohol to stupor, the driver volunteers to take her home. But rather than take her home, she insists that the driver takes her to a guest house close to her home.

On getting to the guest house, she compels the driver tomake love to her. She did this under the influence of alcohol. The driver, however, flees the guest house at midnight.

The following morning, the wife comes to her senses but she is not sure of what happened. She isn't sure of how she got to the guest house but remembers that the driver helped her into the car. She can't recollect what happened thereafter.

The wife gets pregnant at the end of the month. While she isn't too happy about the development, the husband is very elated. Despite his happiness, he still has misgivings and a tinge of regret. He becomes withdrawn from the wife and starts coming home late.

Along the line, the wife gets closer to Leke, her husband's brother, because he is always at home and showers her with so much love and affection. Leke becomes very caring and always looking for ways of making the woman happy.

Eventually, both of them fall in love and they start having an affair since the husband has virtually abandoned the house.

Leke's girlfriend suspects that something is wrong with their own relationship. She challenges Leke, but was not satisfied with his excuise, she informs Ajisafe.

Find out what happened in this spellbing thriller that is full of twists and turns starring OGA BELLO, MOJI OLAIYA, FEMI BRANCH, LAIDE BAKARE and other top Yoruba actors and actresses. It is produced by WALE LAWAL and DIRECTed by BAKKY ADEOYE, while music was rendered by TOPE ALABI.