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President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan is not a weak leader but a democrat who believes in the tenets of democracy in all ramifications, particularly its process of dialogue and constructive engagement with all the stakeholders in the spirit of give and take.

The Media Director of Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organisation, Mr. Sully Abu made the statement in reaction to an insinuation by the former ead of state General Muhammadu Buhari that the recent rejection of the president's amendment to the 2010 Electoral Act was a sign of weakness on the part of the President.

According to a statement signed by Abu, the insinuation can only reflect the dictatorial tendency of those who read such meaning into what was simply a democratic process.

'All it means is that we will continue to engage the different arms of the government to ensure that we arrive at what is best for the country and the political system. As for the statement of the president's fitness to govern, like I said earlier he is a democrat and believes in dialogue and respects other peoples' opinion.

The General Buhari camp may not understand this and may equate such disposition to weakness given their inclination towards authoritarian rule,' he said. The statement stressed that the president would continue to toe the path of democracy and the rule of law which has endeared him to Nigerians.