From a Witches Notebook

By Melanie Miller

There are many witches in today's society. In fact, magick and Witchcraft has been around before the birth of Christ. It was considered a religion at one point in time. Witches need to get together at times, and cast spells. Midnight and past this til 2 a.m. are the best times to cast any and all spells, especially Halloween night. I know I will be casting some witchy spells on this festive night. I have been into Wiccan magick for a long time now, and used to be in a coven of witches. I only attended the meetings a few times, until they thought I was into black magick and devil worshipping, which I am not the later. I do not believe such entities exsist, such as demons, that supposedly surround us and when someone does something very naughty, they most the time, say..."The devil made me do it!" What a bogus lie, they did the shameful deed and need to realize it, and not blame their wrong doings on a Satan or Demons that may or may not exsist. I do believe however that there are many Gods and Goddesses, in fact, I praise Aphrodites daily and have an altar set up, and I have candles, fairie statues and an Aphodites sataue that a friend send all the way from England to me. I pay homage to the Queen Aphrodites and honor her, tis' true. I purchase roses and other flowers for her, and set upon my altar. She is my favorite Goddess. She has always been there for me, and I thank her for bringing my mate to me. I did cast a spell for my husband to love only one woman and that is me and the spell is still working after 10 yrs. of being together. I could not be more satisfied and content. So if you wish to cast magick and I am sure from time to time, you wanted to or already do, chose the right Goddess or God and always thank them. I made some homemade pentacles with sticks and stones and tossed into it, berries and other odds and ends, like leaves and even a lucky rabbit's foot as well. I used to have a four leaf clover and do not any longer, as misplaced or lost it, and this will also bring you good fortune and good luck. I do however have a rabbit fur, and placed it under my elephant as they are considered good luck and for good fortune as long as the elephants' truck is upward and mine is. I got it at this yard sale, and liked it and decided to bring home the elephant of masny designs and colors on it. I feel it shall bring me good fortune and fame, and ever since I cast some spells for my books to become published, Cadillac Cruising and Melanie's Paradise of Poetry has been published and plus some of my wonderful poems in magazines as well. I think my magick may of helped to get to where I am now. Not to say that my poems and stories woren't good enough or anything like this, but I feel magick helped to get the ball a rolling. You too, can perform magick at home, by a park, woods or any place you feel content and safe at. Have a friend to go with you, and together the two or maybe even three can cast some wonderful magick together. I have known true white and dark witches and some wore into satanism, not me...I don't go there, as am a white witch. I cast money and love and other spells such as protection spells. I cast a protection spell for my husband one day, and he was harmed at work but not severly harmed and I told him, that I did a protection spell and asked a certain Goddess to watch over him, and he feels the magick worked quite well.

So...if you are wanting to cast some magick, and be sure it is the good kind, and not the evil kind, and if you do wish to cast black magick or voodoo spells, be sure the other individual has wronged you, but remember two does not make one right, remember this and revenge is not always the answer. The Gods' and or Goddesses will take care of them, this you can be sure of. Well...I hope my article was of some value or help for you, do have fun casting spells and always have salt to circle around you, if you are casting wicked spells so they will not come back on you, and if you cast good magick you will want salt in a bowl, and a candle lit in white for protection and red or pink for love and or sex, and then blue and or lavender for healing spells. You can make up spells too, and write in a notebook or diary such as I do. You may wish to sale some of your spells to friends and family members or pen pals, or just cast them for free, such as I have. All and all magick is quite fun to cast, just be careful when it comes to dark magick, you do not wish for it to come back to haunt you!

the end...