Will Love Ever Blossom?

By Melanie Miller

Will love ever blossom for you and I?
Will we take a flight to heaven above and fall in love,

all over again?
You are my dearest friend, in the whole world and I just want to let you know,

I love you so.
I will never long for another, and never kiss another's lips.

You are my inspiration and my sweet destination.
All I can dream about is you.
I wanted to let you know this much, that I only desire one man's touch,

and embrace and this is you.
So look me in the eyes and tell me you do not feel the same way,

and I shall go away and never bother you again.
You need to know these feelings I have for you and I hope that, you feel the same way I do.

I will always and forever love one man, and this is you.

So will tomorrow bring happiness for us and will love ever blossom between the two of us?

For now, I shall day dream about you and me and forever be lost in a tunnel of time gone past.

the end.