What do you do to enhance your libido?

Source: Vivian Onyebukwa, Rachael Agunta and Nkechi Chima-Onyele - Nigeriafilms.com
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Awoyemi Samuel
Many girls today need someone that can make them happy sexually. As a matter of fact, to boost or increase my libido, I do take a bottle of beer with bitter kola as calorie. Some time ago, I met a girl who told me to be taking roasted plantain with groundnut to make my body strong.

Uchenna Anozie
For me, I make sure I eat a lot of food and drink water. People say they use drugs to enhance their performance but I don't buy the idea. I have tried to use drugs some time ago and I found out that I couldn't perform more than what I can do with my natural strength. So, as a young man, I believe that performance-enhancing drugs don't help at all. It is for the old men that are very weak. Besides, it creates a lot of psychological problem for those who use them.

Abram Aritin
I do not do anything specifically to enhance my performance. Health is the most important. An unhealthy man may not be able to do anything. I have not given it a thought to look for a particular thing that would boost it.

Chidi Amadi
I do it just naturally. It has not at any time occured to me to consciously enhance it. Come to think of it, God who created sex is a perfect one and I believe that the way He made it was okay. So, I go for it just like that.

Loius Maclean
Most of us that were born with silver spoon don't think so much as what to do to enhance our love-making performance because already we feed well and are strong. Moreover, I see it as having fun and we do it to express love and be happy. I don't just go for drugs because that could be dangerous. Although some guys prefer to boost theirs with drugs, I have never done that.

Steve Idemudia
I don't enhance through any means. I only go for it whenever I think I am fit for it. If I feel that I am not healthy enough, I deny myself that until I am able to stand it. I know that people do that in so many ways, but I don't.

Adun Gujja
I don't enhance my performance and I am not planning to do that anyday. I am strong and healthy and I believe that it is the most important thing. Except a man that has problem or experiences premature ejaculation, I wonder what one would want to achieve using artificial method. Furthermore, I know that some men drink alchohol before having sex but I have never tried any of such means.

Ikechukwu Eze
I don't do anything to enhance my sexual performance because I'm sexually active. So, I don't need to take alcohol or herbs to make love to a woman.

Ibrahim Mohammed
I take natural herbs to enhance my sexual performance. In fact, I drink two herbs for its purpose. I take jedijedi medicine to reduce the sugar level in my body because too much sugar causes poor erection as well as low sperm count.
I drink the other herb with milk for quick erection and these methods have been working for me.

John Nwankwo
I don't think there is anything to do to enhance a man's sexual performance because it is natural. Regular exercise helps to keep the body fit to enable you to perform well in bed. Balance diet is also a good medicine for sexual performance because a hungry man wouldn't have the strength to perform well in bed.

I don't make love regularly so as to enable me to enjoy sex whenever I'm with my girl. Again, I take antibiotics after love making to kill whatever I must have contracted through sex.
And it is also wise to have sex casually, not regularly to keep fit. I don't believe in natural herbs because it doesn't work for me and while ejaculating, you do it quietly to maintain your sexual performance