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Why did the CID (Interpol) arrest only the driver for the disappearance of US Missionary? The Pastor, Padmore Godwill must be arrested too.

By FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)

Why has the CID arrested only Kofi Seidu, driver of Pastor Padmore Godwill, caretaker of the Prestige Secretarial Computer School in Koforidua, who sent the Driver to pick up the American Rev. from the Kotoka International Airport.

After all it is the Pastor,Padmore Godwill who might have "a dead body under his bed".

It's the Pastor,P. Godwill who might fear accountability of the Secretariat School for his Boss the disappeared American, Rev.Thomas Sydney Barnes who owns the School.

It's the Pastor(Godwill) who might have spoken to the Rev. in America and knew why he was coming down to Ghana. May be the Pastor Godwill knew the School owner, Rev. Barnes was either coming to collect money from him(Pastor Godwill) which he has may be misappropriate or may be knew the American Rev.was bringing a cocoa bag full of Dollars.

In this logical posiibility Pastor Padmore Godwill needs to be arrested too as the 2nd suspect to assisting the CID in their Investigations.

Fact is the American Rev. Passed out the Immigration control at the Airport.

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)