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Last week, we published a report about some movie stars who hit stardom by chance. This week, we bring to your delight, the concluding part of the story.

•Rita Dominic: She had no intention of becoming an actress. According to her, “Basorge Tariah Jnr. was my senior in school. So when I came to Lagos from University of Port Harcourt where I graduated, I met him in 1999 when he wanted to shoot the movie, My Guy. So we exchanged numbers. I went to the location and got the job which was my first job. And since then, the jobs have been coming.”

•Desmond Elliot: “Actually, it was supposed to be a hobby and a part-time kind of thing. Unlike some people, my acting career started from the church. We had Believers' Drama Group in our church and I was an active member. When I decided to go into the movie industry, I thought of it as a hobby and not a means of livelihood. I actually wanted to be a banker and probably the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria,” the talented actor said.

•Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde: According to this beautiful actress fondly called Omo-sexy, “I didn't face any problem because I didn't plan to go into acting. Maybe if I had planned to go into the movie industry, it might have been difficult for me. I didn't plan it, I just stumbled into it. I accompanied a lady to an audition and I ended up getting a role. I was not even auditioned before getting the role.”

•Emeka Ike: One of the most talented actors of our time, he was forced into acting because “in the country we live in, there are many like me. Many graduates can't find jobs. So, we return to the streets and try to make ends meet. Nigerians no longer beg government for employment. They only ask for good roads, water and light because we are tired of asking for jobs. I tried to get a job, but it was impossible, so I went into acting.”

•Shan George: “I must be honest, I was paid N20,000 for my first movie, Thorns Of Rose. It was produced by the late Jennifer Okere-Osai. I think they were looking for a particular kind of person and I made the cast. I was not even auditioned,” Shan stated.

•Ngozi Ezeonu: She confessed "that earlier in life, I never planned to be an actress. I had always wanted to be a journalist or a mass communicator, but when I came into what I'm doing today, I liked it and I have had no cause to regret it. My early acting career wasn't a bed of roses. I did auditions and failed.”