The popularity of Nollywood movies is acknowledged worldwide. Now the time to get rewarded adequately for efforts put into making the films appears to have come. Behind the promise to deliver the goodies is Rowland Omoresemi, a Kansas, United States-based celebrity photographer.

Nigerian-born Rowland, who is in the country at present, told Life and Beat that it was love for the fatherland that made him to take some time off to come to Nigeria to find a way of contributing his own quota to lifting movie stars and investors in the industry. He expressed his determination use his well established network in the Kansas City to market Nollywood movies in such a way that all stakeholders would be very happy to continue to do more, because the popularity of their works will be matched with cash returns.

Apart from marketing Nollywood movies, the ace photographer unveiled a cocktail of celebrity wedding albums where art and technology converge to produce photo books where stories of weddings are told pictorally.

What Rowland does, as he told life and Beat, is that whenever he is contracted for coverage, he ships his state-of-the-art cameras to location and take shots of the couple from the beginning of the celebration to the end.

“After taking our photographs, we work on them on the computers and then make the outline in a book form. Then we send everything to Italy where the photo book albums are made. I describe myself as a photo-journalist because I tend to tell stories with my shots.

“Apart from helping out in the movie industry in Nigeria, I intend to change the misconception that people have of photography by showing the young ones the various ways of exploring the art to make a living.

Rowland, who trained as an IT professional in the US, told Life and Beat that his love for taking photograph propelled him to success, because what has earned him fame and fortune today started when friends began to prefer his shots to those of hired professionals in the US. He said the time had come for him to make more celebrity photographers among Nigerian youths who are interested in the art.