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The Land of The Sleeping Fairies

By Melanie Miller

There once was a land long ago, with sleeping fairies in it, and an evil witch cast a spell on these innocent souls to sleep for all eternity. She was a very powerful, ugly and wicked witch indeed. All she wanted was their gold and silver for these fairies wore rich indeed. She stole their land right in front of their lovely eyes, and smiled and laughed a wicked witchy laugh.

One day, a nice witch named Gilda, happened to be strolling along, and went to the castle the fairies lived in. She rapped on the door, and no one answered it, so she tried to see if the door would open, and fortunately, it open for her.

She was amazed at how esquisite and beautiful it was inside, with pillars tall as trees, and a fountian inside with water coming out of it. She thought she heard someone crying for help, but she seen no one but still she decided to take a look.

There she seen a bunch of fairies sleeping. She was saddened to see this sight, but since she was a nice and kind witch, she went to her bag she had in her hand and took out her magic book and then some fairy dust and sprinkled on the sleeping fairies. "Now then," she said..."The should do the trick!" And to her amazement, all the fairies as if coming back to life, jumped for joy, as no longer wore they sleeping. The good witch, smiled with delight in her witchy eyes, and they asked her if she brought them out of their long sleep. One of the fairies that had been sleeping, said to the witch, "We would give you something for your kindness, but dear witch, we have nothing, as the bad evil witch took all our gold and silver!" Tears fell from the fairies eyes, and she was sad in her heart to see them weeping so much.

She vowed to find this wicked witch and bring back their gold and silver. She wished them good bye and then the good witch was on her merry way. She walked miles and miles until she seen a wolf. The wolf spoke to her, and she found out where this wicked witch dwelled in. He told her to keep on going and she granted him 3 wishes, the good witch did, for being so kind to her, and letting her know where this evil witch dwelled. He thanked her graciously, and she was on her way after granting his 3 wishes.

She had little trouble finding the place, but getting in may be a problem, as she seen men outside, like tiny soldiers from a distance, but she could cast a spell for them to sleep, so she summoned up the spirits of the underworld and cast a spell for all of them to fall fast asleep. She went inside, and seen the wicked witch casting more spells in her black cauldron. She said, "Excuse me mam, but are you the one whom cast a nasty spell for all the fairies to fall asleep and then take all their gold and silver?" Her eye brows raised in the air, as she replied, "But..of course it was I whom did this nasty little deed to these fairies, what else do you think?" And before you knew it, the evil witch, blew some dust in the air, with her breath, that was in her hand, and the good witch feel asleep. " one will come for the gold and silver," she cackled.

Hours passed by and the fairies wondered where the good witch Gilda, was at so the eldest of the elders of fairies decided to have a search party for the good witch. "We best bring along some potion, that will revive her, in case the evil witch cast a wicked spell on her to cause her to sleep as well,"

said one of the fairies.
When they arrived in the forrest, they met the wolf and he told all the fairies that indeed he seen a witch that day, but was a good witch, and he told them that he pointed her in the right direction to where the evil wicked witch was at. They went to the castle and made their way in, past still sleeping guards. They found the good witch on the floor, and the evil witch was standing right there, laughing her wicked witchy laugh.

"What have you done to her!" one fairy questioned the evil witch. "Why, she said with a sly smile arising on her face, eyebrows raising as well, Oh..I... only put her to sleep...she looked like she needed the rest after a weary and tiresome walk to find me, and you're not getting your gold and silver back, or I will put all of you back to sleep once yet again!" The fairies wore frightened but none budge, as they knew they could revive her with a potion that would awaken her, and one of the older fairies took from their pockets the potion and poured it into the good witch's mouth. Soon, she was revived and smiled at her new little friends, and then she said some witchy words and froze the evil witch right where she stood at. "No more wicked witches, to bother you, my friends, ever again," The good witch Gilda said to all of her sweet and kind friends. They all walked out of the castle after collecting all their gold and silver they had found in her castle and then the castle vanished into thin air, after the good witch cast her spell for it to vanish, and the good witch was invited to live with all the little fairies and they all lived happily ever after in their own castle, that the fairies all dwelled in.

the end