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Serving Gods and Goddesses

By Melanie Miller
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There are many Gods and Goddesses to serve, such as Thor, Isis and Aphrodites, and I prefer to ask Aphrodites the most, although other Gods and or Goddesses come in handy to.

Right now, I am casting a spell for someone that has been hurt in an automobile accident. All I can hope for, is that this person will be fine and soon.

All my spells are for healing, protection and wealthy spells, and sometimes job/ career spells, as many folks have asked for career spells such as one man asking me to cast a get rich spell, and become famous spell. He is an impersonator and quite a good one at this. We been friends for several yrs. and just friends is all. I cast many spells for others and one woman won a ton of cash just by me casting a money spell for her. I am glad to know my spells work for friends and family members and pen pals alike. Most of my spells do work splendidly. I cast a spell for my manuscript to become published and within a few months, it did. Also I am casting a spell for all my songs to become published as well, as I did receive one phone call from someone in the music industry recently and they wish to have me come down and record all my songs, I make up or compose country songs, in my spare time.

I love to make crafts as well, and make them as a hobby only and nothing else more. I do not cast spells to become rich myself, as am content with what I all have. I have a man that loves me and the spell for him to fall in love with me seemed to have worked it's magick quite well, after casting my lovers spell for him to love me and me alone.

I serve a God and a Goddess, at home and have created my own altar, with fairy statues on it, and dragon ones, and insense I use to please a God or Goddess at the time, and I have jewelry on my altar too, as well as coins for added luck. I also have my picture in my witches costume at my altar as well as candles, and I praise the God or Goddess at the time. I write down many of my own spells in a diary and journal, and one day will get an empty book and record all my own spells, and then may sale some of my spells, if there is a book company that wants to publish my spells, this is to say.

I been casting spells for eons it seems, since I was a teen, and I cast a spell for a friend, to have her boyfriend to call her and after casting this love spell for him to contact her, he called her soon afterwards, now how is that magick for you?

I think magick is safe to do, if casting for good but if hexing spells is what you require, you can always have a witch doctor or witch to cast these types of spells for you, just in case it comes back on you. Make sure you have been wronged and make sure this is something you want to happen to an enemy or someone that has wronged you. You can always forgive this individual(s) and move on in your life, such as I already have forgiven whomever or whom stole all my good jewels. These people will be sorry for what they did, in the long run, as they may be robbed as well, what comes around goes around, I always say. Now..if you need to cast a spell on someone that has harmed you, this is a different story altogether. You may wish to cast black magick with a coven of witch's. I used to be in a coven of witches for a short while, it was just not my style as I much rather prefer to be a solitary witch, one that cast magickal spells alone, without the use of a coven of witch's. My uncle used to take me to their meetings but really I did not enjoy attending, it was not my cup of tea so to speak, but I did meet some fairly interesting people is just I prefer to go it alone and cast my magick at home.

You can cast a money spell, protection spell as you go over a bridge with water, make sure their is a lake or river you go over, and you may also cast a spell for money by placing a penny or some kind of coin rather it be silver or gold, inside your shoe. I found money once while casting a money spell with a penny inside my right shoe, and found thirty-five dollars and it was a bit windy outside but the money was there none the less. First, I found 20 dollars and then the rest as I was walking a bit futher down the road.

I did a spell once for a woman to find money and she did. We became good friends although I have not seen her in many yrs. and hope she is fine and she was my best friend indeed.

Now, if you meet another wiccan witch or a witch or wizard,you may wish to cast spells with this person or persons. Magick can be fun to cast and always thank the deity of your choice or selection after casting any or all spells, unless you do not ask a deity to assist you in your magick, is up to you really. Some people are natural witch's and do not need a deity to assist them in their magick spells.

I always thank the deity of my choice, and sometimes I cast spells by a river and create a pentacle out of just sticks. I toss in berries for the earth, and leaves and other ingredients as well. Some times, I pour wine upon the earth's ground and thank the deity of my selection. You must be of age to purchase wine, though, and pour it onto the earth and see if your spell or spells works for you well.

Well, I hope my article was helpful, and also I wanted to say, if you cast magick, make sure it is something you really and truly need in your life...and remember, love is the greatest magick of all time. Love can surprise you and make you feel joyous and happy and content inside, your soul and mind, and if you feel magick will make your life better, then by all means cast away. Just be sure it is something you really need, like a new job, or money spell or protection spell and of course you can have a friend or friends to help cast your magick with you. Well, thank you for reading my article, it is much appreciated, that you dropped by to take the time to read this article of mine. Take care and make your life a magickal one at that.

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