Orji: Pdp Has Reclaimed Its Own- Jonathan

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I left APGA to be in politics mainstream- Orji
Roads from all over the country including the state house, Abuja Saturday led to Umuahia the Abia state capital and emptied at the city township stadium, venue of the declaration ceremony of the governor of the state, Chief Theodore Orji to PDP.

The entire Aso Rock villa which was not also left out as President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan led members of his cabinet which included federal ministers, his wife and the vice president, Arc. Namadi sambo to receive the governor to the fold of the Peoples Democratic Party, just as he described his defection to the party as the reclaiming of its own by PDP.

Jonathan declared the governor a man of high pedigree noting that all the men that make PDP thick and who come from the state have come together to welcome him to the party's fold in one voice without disagreement.

According to the president, “I know the array of men of independent character that we have in PDP from this state, if Orji were a bad man, most of them would not have hide their reservation, but because he is a man of very high pedigree they have all come together to welcome him to the party.

“It is not Orji that has come back to his party, but it is the PDP that has taken back the man that belongs to them. I thank men like Onyema Ugochukwu who made today possible, since the governor has been accepted today, I can tell you that anyone who contests against him would be defeated”

The president who though professed love for his party went further to assert that there is no place for godfatherism in the politics of the PDP today. He reaffirmed his commitment to ensure a conduct of free and credible election in the state.

“Some people may say how can a man be so passionate about his party and still maintain his stand to conduct credible elections in the state, but I must tell you that we are bent on doing it irrespective of who is contesting. If we do not do it, it would be too bad for us. Our personality is going down the drain so if any one wish to contest on the platform of PDP, he must remove his eyes from godfathers and mothers.

“We would not like the election to be queried by the international community, but that is not to say that we will do the bidding of the international community. We are committed to conducting free and fair elections come 2011, and I can assure you that we will not fail you.” The president pledged.

The governor, Chief T.A Orji while making his very short speech which he punctuated with praise songs had thanked all those who fought him in the days the state was in “darkness”. He acknowledged that most of the opposition members had told him that they were not particularly against him, but were against that man that was standing behind him.

He thanked God that the state has today been liberated from perpetual bondage, and his berthing at the PDP will catalyze development in the state and stop unnecessary bickering in the state, which has cost it its development.

Orji gave the reason for leaving both PPA and APGA or PDP as his quest to play in the mainstream politics of the country, and to be able to meet with the men at the corridors of power, who he intend to join hands with to move the state forward. He jokingly demanded a special package from the president for the state, having joined Abia state in the mainstream politics of the country and also being an in-law state to the president and his (President's) wife is from Umuahia.

The state chairman of the PDP, Sen. Emma Nwaka who is barely a month old in office applauded the governor for moving over to the PDP, while assuring him, “kindly accept our assurance that your new party will at all times treat you with respect which your person and exalted office richly deserve.”

Nwaka openly declare that he and other good Abians were very worried when the Abia ship berthed at one small habour (APGA), but knew that the small habour couldn't have been the Promised Land. He expressed happiness that the State has today joined its counterpart in the country to move to PDP.

The charged atmosphere of the state capital which downed an exceptionally different look was testimony that something great was to happen in the city, just as scores of Abians testified to the liberation of the state today.

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