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Public Service Announcement: server under serious attack


This is to inform our readers of attempt by a cabal of corrupt and faceless individuals to sabotage site and server. For the past 72 hous our server has come under very serious, well co-ordinated and sustained attacks, thus causing it to shut down.

Their weapon of attack is the DDOS, a very expensive and sophisticated device, and we understand that the perpertrators have been paid top dollars, to anihilate us, but we are not detered, neither will we succumb to blackmail.

In the words of a seasoned IT analyst, who elected anonymity , “Someone is paying top hackers a lot of money to get the huhu domain and site down The costs of mitigating is in the thousands of Dollars .The cost of the equipment to stop this is about 20,000 dollars.

However, our technicians are working to track perpertrators and restore the site.We will publish the names of those behind this act as soon.

Thanks for your continued support.
Editor-in chief