Making Friends off the Internet and Having Pen Pals

By Melanie Miller

It is important to establish friendships. Do not be an at home couch potatoe. You need to associate with others, and working on crossword puzzles and crafts is nice to do, but do these with family members or friends, that you can find at a church or organizations other then churches.

You may be surprised, the friends you may meet on line as well. And of course you may well know, there are those chat rooms, where you can make new and interesting friends.

I have chatted with some very interesting people, and many penpals have I made. Many of them still write me by email, women especially. Some folks want my phone no. but I am leary about giving my personal information such as phone number or address, just email is it. So be careful, about giving out any personal information to anyone you just started to know. You may be getting a surprise visit at your home.

One man that emailed me many yrs. ago ended up visiting me unaccounced and I never once gave him my address. I was married at the time and he just decided to take it upon himself to knock on my door. I told him, that I could never date him and this was the last I heard from him. He had someone drive him and it looked like a fancy car, and he may of been rich but I am not after a man's money...and this is truth here in what I say.

I am glad I never dated someone from the internet, but there have been folks wanting to see and date me such as men and women in the past. I must decline but try to be mature about it and explain that I simply do not meet people off the net, and this is much safter for me. Some folks I know met on the internet and the man was from England and he married a woman nearby. They began chatting up a storm and before you know it, he moved close to her and married her. I have talked to them before, the husband and wife, and they make a perfect couple. Now...I am not telling any one that they can not find happiness if they meet someone off the net or chat rooms, just be careful is what I am hinting at. You do not wish to meet someone that can do you bodily harm, or harass you. One man told me he would show me what abuse really is and the very next day told me he was in love with me and wanted me to become his wife or bride. I did not wish to meet anyone like this that threatened me in a way that made me feel at unease. I am glad he no longer corresponds with me. I just do not want false friendships like this one, and he never cared for me, or he would not have said cruel and cold things like this to me. He would upset me on purpose at times, and when I explained that I did not like to be cursed at and cussed out, he would get angry with me and he did say cruel things to me, and I do not wish to know any one like this, so if anyone is cursing at you, tell them you do not wish to chat or correspond with them. Leave it at that, if it persists, you can tell this individual(s) that you will get there i.p. number and see what they do then? You can avoid false friends like this altogether and if they harass you, you can always tell them or him or her, that you will hire an attorney and sue them or him or her in court, as if they keep on writing you hate mail, you have a right to sue, for slander, as is illegal to curse at someone, this is true.

But do try and make friends on line if you wish too, I just would not advise you meet someone off line, you do not know them, and just because they sound nice does not guarantee that they are kind to you in reality. So play it safe and if you get to know someone and feel safe giving them you're phone number, you may wish to give them a pay phone no. and have them call you on a certain date and or time and or call them at a pay phone, if they fell comfortable enough to give you their phone number. All in all, just be careful, as you can meet someone that will do bodily harm to you and I am so glad that I never met this person that threatened to do me bodily harm, and lie to me at times he would. He would say he wanted to date many women and bragged about his looks and tell me to stay true to him, when he knew all along that I did not really want him. You can meet some interesting folks alright and some strange people as well. So the next time you chat with someone new, try to inform them you prefer them only as penpals, this would be the safest route to go, or if you two fall in love, after a yr. of chatting, then by all means, and if only you feel it is safe, you can call him or her on a cell phone, such as borrowing your friends cell. Do what is right in your heart and if you ever feel violated or threatened in some way, avoid any and all conversations with these people or person.

I hope my article has been informative and that you take the strong advice I have given for you to take heed of. Thanks for reading my article, and take care.

the end