Today's Christian Devotion 29-02-2024

By The Nigerian Voice

Father, thank you for giving me what you know that I need. Help me to learn and grow through my struggles as I trust you Lord to bring me out stronger than ever, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. As I continue to observe lent, may this season be a time of sober reflection and communion with God. May I find solace in prayer, pouring out my heart and listening to his gentle whispers of guidance.

May I find encouragement in his promises, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. As I go out today, may the challenges that lie ahead be met with courage and resilience. May I face any obstacle with unwavering faith, knowing that God is with me, equipped me with his strength to overcome.

May the grace of God be my sustenance, providing me with the endurance I need to persevere, in Jesus mighty name, amen. Think Jesus, think life.

Good morning, and have an amazing day.