Today’s Christian Devotion 02-02-2024

By The Nigerian Voice

Thank you father for another wonderful day. The 2nd month is applicable to the 2nd book of the bible, Exodus. In the book of Exodus, God raised a monopoly-breaker to battle oppression and deliver Israel from Egyptian's bondage, therefore may God break barriers through his presence and his power and move me forward.

May God make a way where there's no way for me. O Lord, as the flood of Noah dried up in the 2nd month, let the waters that have risen up against me dry up in this 2nd month, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. 2nd month is a month of 2nd chance, heavenly father, help me to catch up and recover all my losses in the previous seasons. It's a month of building, Lord build up my life and rebuild my house

. Deliver me father from enemies and forces that are too strong for me, in Jesus mighty name, amen. *Remember that those that trust in the Lord are like mount zion that can never be moved*.

Good morning, and have a great day.