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For Mr. Sunny Adigwe, Lagos State coordinator, ZATA Progressive for Greater Nigeria Association, a political pressure group, President Goodluck Jonathan is God's anointed choice for the presidency. He said that Jonathan would lead Nigeria to greater heights and make it to actualize the dreams and aspirations of the nation's founding fathers.

Adigwe told Saturday Sun, in Lagos, that having carefully studied the leadership qualities of  Jonathan, the group is  of the strong belief that he is the best option to reposition the battered economy and under-development plaguing the nation.

According to him, 'certainly, there is no better option to reposition the battered economy and under-development of this nation than President Jonathan. Again, I make bold to say before Nigerians that he is God's anointed choice destined to inject new life and catapult the nation to greater heights and socio-economic prosperity as well as actualise the lofty dreams and aspirations of the founding fathers of this great nation.'

He stated that the leadership of Jonathan would be a clear departure from  the usual recycling of past leaders, most of whom were responsible for the spate of corruption, mal-administration and under-development in the country.

In his words: 'We are all living witnesses on how some of our past leaders, both military and civilian, shamelessly plundered the resources of our nation, thereby reducing the country into becoming one of the most corrupt nation's in the world. But today, all we are saying is that we need a Goodluck Jonathan, who has the political experience, maturity

and will power to remedy the situation and transform Nigeria into becoming great again.'

Continuing, he said: 'We call on all Nigerians to support him next year. It's time for every citizen, irrespective of tribal and religious differences, to join hands in the enthronement of good governance, probity and rule of law in our beloved country.

'Looking at his life history and the divine way that he became the Bayelsa State governor, as well as the way he succeeded the late President Umar Musa Yar'Adua, as the president of Nigeria, you must agree with me that God's hand is upon him, and that it is for a good purpose that God positioned to make a positive change in the entire nation.'

On the controversy over zoning, Adigwe said it was unfortunate that in the present day Nigeria, few individuals were busy sowing seeds of discord under the cover of zoning controversies, with the sole aim of plunging the nation into another round of political crises, whereas the  majority of Nigerians were clamouring  for  good governance, quality leadership and equal development of the nation.

According to him, 'irrespective of the on-going debate on zoning of the presidential slot of PDP in the 2011 elections, we strongly belief that good governance cannot be sacrificed for the  mere issue of zoning, and it must be stated that every Nigerian has the inalienable  right seek for any elective office in the country, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

He further said that Jonathan enjoyed wide acceptance across the country, both in the north and south, just as he believed that.

Jonathan's political experience, sterling leadership qualities and immense goodwill among Nigerians would be of great advantage to him in the race for the presidential seat in 2011.

He made a passionate appeal to Nigerians to support Jonathan in the forthcoming presidential elections, saying: 'As we approach the elections year, our passionate appeals goes to all Nigerians to rise up and support the presidential ambition of Jonathan.  If truly Nigerians need good governance and socio-economic transformation, and equal development of every nook and cranny of the country, then all Nigerians must arise, both old and young, and support the Jonathan's presidential project.'

Adigwe said that it would not be in the interest of the nation to allow those who mismanaged and ruined the nation's economy, to make a comeback and further destroy what is left of the country.

According to him, 'allowing past leaders and their acolytes who ruined our economy, promoted  corruption and under-development in the land, to run for any political office in the present day Nigeria, simply amounts to committing suicide. But, the only alternative to making Nigeria great again is  Goodluck Jonathan. He is tested and trusted, and he listens to voices of the masses. With him in the saddle, you never have a government of impunity or mismanagement of the economy.'

Speaking further, he disclosed the readiness of his members to embark on nation-wide enlightenment to mobilise Nigerians to support the Jonathan 2011 presidential project, saying: 'As a responsible group, being propelled by the nationalistic visions of the nation's founding leaders, like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa and Obafemi Awolowo, we shall be embarking nation-wide enlighten campaign to

drum up support for President Jonathan in preparation for next year's election.'

On INEC's preparedness to conduct the 2011 election, Adigwe  stated that Prof. Attahiru Jega, new INEC boss, would conduct free and fair elections across the country.

He said: ' Prof. Jega, the new INEC chairman, is a principled man, a radical who believes in  doing things the proper way. I have no doubt  about his capability to conduct a free and fair elections. Again, going by his track record, I don't think he can easily be manipulated by anybody, and I believe that he won't engage in anything that will tarnish the reputation he has built over the years.'