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Hazing at Schools and Other Areas

By Melanie Miller

There are many kids involved in hazing others and they feel it is some sort of prank. It is wrong to do to others, in my opinion. Where are the parents or parent at, when this occurs, to young adults and children as well.

It's as if they are some sort of gang and start hitting and beating up on unsuspected kids and adolescents. There is no real sense to all this non sense, if you wore to ask me.

Now..why do teens' want to hit someone, and where do they learn this kind of harsh punishments they invoke onto other unsuspecting teens? Do they watch too many movies with violence in it? I personally feel they get this sort of behavior from some movies that teach about fighting and make it look glamourous on TV but it is not glamourous, it is plain dumb to do someone this way and ignorant act. This type of behavior is uncalled for. Teens and kids need to not haze others, it is happening more and more, at school grounds, parties, and by someone's home, or an apt. they rent out, and then haze kids and teens. Why does this kind of behavior happen in side their minds and why do teen's get off on harming and harassing other teens'. Do they get some kind of high off it, is it like a drug? Well if this be the case, and they feel it is some kind of natural high, then the hazers and taunting teens need to get counceling, and talk to someone that can and will help them.

This maybe some form of manic bi polar, in my honest opinion but then again..I am not a doctor,or therapist so I am not accurate on this one. To me, it may seem the ones pulling these pranks and threatening someone else's life, is a form of mental abuse they invoke on their victim or victims. Yes, this is mental cruelty and they need to be sentenced for a time being or perform some kind of community service. I hope that one day the hazing can cease and that all the teens and kids can get along. There are teens setting other kids up, or other teens and video taping this kind of cruel behavior and putting it on the internet. Don't they know, that there are perverts that can see this, and witness with their own eyes, and find some kind of sick pleasure in their minds by seeing these videos...and many people may think it is just hazing but it progresses to cruel violence and some kids will act like it is no big deal, 'so what if a gal had to get stitches above ones' eye, or on the head and so what if they wore hazed,' some teens attitudes are like this...but it is a crime, to harm another human being and not be told they will be violated or hazed without fair warning and then told they will die tonight or today, and then tell others to beat on the victim or victims as well. These are all criminal acts. Teens will fight for pleasure and to be on the internet for some kind of natural high but their is nothing natural or normal about beating a student or another teen that is not in their school. If one wants to take a beating, then they provoke another to fight them, this would not be hazing, but to just outlandish fight someone out of the blue, then this is hazing and a crime to harm anyone. Some folks may feel kids will be kids, a degree, some teens call each other names, or put kick me signs on the back of their shirts and then people will poke fun or them, but to just simply outright harm another and have other teens to hit and kick the victim is wrong and is a crime. So the next time, you or a friend of yours wants to go to a party, be sure, she or he knows the area well, in case they need to call 911 and also furturemore, someone should go as a chaperone and then stay outside and watch over the teens, such as a reliable adult should attend the party. Their are ways to safe guard yourself, you can bring some pepper spray in case you or a friend is attacked by other teens and one can not always be too careful, so have your cell phone on you, or borrow a friends or parents or neighbors and keep it on your person at all times, no matter what...and do not leave it laying around so someone can destroy it or toss into a near by bush or tree or lake some where. Just be careful attending any party, and most of all, find out whom is going to be at this party, and be sure to tell someone or someone's what party you are attending, the street area and if it is in the woods, the party may take place, then tell your parent or parents that the party is in the woods, as I believe some parties are in the woods. Anyways just be careful. Well..I hope my article was of some help to you and that you are watchful of other teens at a party. There can be rape that occurs as I once went to one party and found out, that all the guys there wanted to take advantage of me so I fled and walked home, about a 3 hr. walk, but I had no choice. This is another form of hazing perhaps is to rape a teen and then the teen could get an STD or become pregant. Take this into consideration teens of this world, and if you feel it is safe to go to a party, this is up to you entirely, just be weary of others that you do not know at a party and always have the pepper spray with you, at all times. Just like a credit card, 'don't leave home without it.'

the end