Today’s Christian Devotion 29-11-2023

By The Nigerian Voice
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Dear lord, I thank you for this day. I thank you that I can see or hear your word this morning. Father, I will give thanks for what I have, especially your eternal love. Forgive me Lord when I go astray, by my thoughts, actions and words. As a new day dawns, lord help me to live this day with wisdom and discretion so that I may not fall short of your glory. Protect me from danger, both in the world and in my altitude.

Give me a gift of a clear mind. Help me to massage away resentments and blame for things gone by that would eat my energy and poison my mind, but instead help me to look to the moment, to what I can do, to work for the future. Father, let me never become frustrated where I lack control of events, for you are in charge, not me, and I put my entire faith in your power, your knowledge and your plan for humanity.

O Lord, you're my leader and my coach, Father I'm on your team, and help me to keep this in mind, in Jesus mighty name, amen. *Don't forget God when it's well with you*.

Good morning, and have a wonderful day