Religion in Today's Society

By Melanie Miller
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What difference does it make what faith or religion one chooses? I am here to say that it make no difference if you are Catholic, Jewish faith, Buddist or Wiccan or Pagan faith, or religion other then these said above.

I myself am of the Wiccan faith and cast spells for friends and family members as well as myself. I personally feel and believe that there are many deities to choose from to praise and worship or serve and see nothing wrong with casting witchcraft. Of course one can cast spells and still have belief there is a God, and or praise many gods and goddesses.

Everyone has a right to choose whatever religion they prefer to choose from. I have many friends into the occult, and some very religious that believe in one supreme being.

I do attend church on occassions to see my religious friends, as I do not particulary believe in all they say, and the sermons are fine to listen to, but I can make up my own mind what I feel is best for me to believe in.

I love holidays such as Christmas and Birthdays and they church or meetings, I attend, do not believe in any holidays, but this does not make me feel like I have to believe in what they believe in.

I am my own person and I am here to say, that you can make up your own mind and choose the faith or non-faith of what you prefer to become. Whether you wish to become agnostic or atheist or wiccan faith, or any other kind of faith is really up to the individual. Perhaps you or someone you may know, does not believe there is a God or Goddess that controls the heavens, and some folks, I have spoken to, do not even believe there is a heaven or even a hell or hades.

Some people I met and spoke with do not even wish to go to heaven and some people told me they do not care if they go to a place called hell, if there is such a place. Hell...I have learned is only the grave. But hell maybe a place of torment for those that have done bad things, or did bad acts and they may have to face the consequences and see where they land, heaven or hell.

Which do you believe in, what faith are you? If you are not religious then this article may not be for you to read.

I feel there must be a supreme being that dominates or controls our lives. Do you feel there is some higher power that controls us, where we end up in, heaven or hell? Do you feel your soul or spirit will roam the earth forever even if you are deceased or gone one day, and feel that you won't land in heaven, if you believe there such a paradise. And...I say paradise, as I feel there maybe another place one day that will be called a paradise, where we can all get along and the animals will be tame and we can all pet them, such as lions, tigers and bears, and so forth. What do you think or feel will happen to your soul once you are gone? Do you feel like you will or may see loved ones, an old boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife that passed away? What are your thoughts, do you actually feel there will be a paradise where all your dreams may come true for you? Ponder on these questions at hand and see how you feel about all this, that I have asked you. You can jot it all down in your journal, diary or note pad, or paper of any kind you have at home or in your office.

You may be surprised with the conclusions you come to, or answers. If you do not believe in heaven or hell, does not make you a bad individual as many people feel there is not a place called heaven or hades(hell). I feel there maybe a place we are punished for all the bad acts or deeds we perform or do, but this is me, and I can not tell you exactly why I feel this way, I just do and really I can not be certain that there is a place called hell and is a place of torment for those that are wicked and must pay a heavy price for all the wrong doings. I am only one person and how can I be positive about my feelings, I could be wrong, but deep down at times, I am certain the wicked pay in some way by some kind of God or Goddess. I feel it is imperative to be a good Christian and or person, even a non-religious individual and it should be important to others to do good deeds for others.

Now...I am not saying that doing good acts or good deeds, will make one go to a wonderful paradise or remain on earth after you are gone and come back to live upon this earth and your spirit may live on of course and this is your reward and I am not saying one will go to heaven just because they attend church meetings and put money into the collection plate and think they will make it to the Kingdom of Heaven just because they give clothings and money to others, and food as well. You must abide by the holy bible and follow all the laws that are pertaining in the scriptures to possibly make it to heaven, but then again we all do wrong things, so whom is going to go to heaven, the ill or sick I read in the holy bible, that God has pity and mercy on. Do you feel all people will go to this place called heaven, ask yourself all these questions and or a friend, you can make a game out of it, and the one with the most answers wins the game. You can write these questions down on a piece of paper and put them all into a glass jar and have friends and family members or neighbors to take out the piece of paper and see what answer they may give to you. And, remember, whatever religion you decide or not decide is up to you, I just wanted to let you know, you are your own person and can make up your own mind what you choose to become, any faith is fine as long as you're enjoying the religion or faith you choose and are comfortable with it.

Well...I hope I have helped you or a friend in some way, by reading my article. It is much appreciated that you dropped on by to read my story.

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