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In Love from Afar

By Melanie Miller

I am in love with you, from afar.
You are my shining star.
There is no one like you in this whole wide world,
and never shall be.
You are, 'it' for me.
I long for your sweet touch and embrace.
I love looking into your loving eyes, as you tenderly caress my face.

You're all the man I need and I sincerly hope that I am all the woman, you need.

Together we can build a dream castle in the blue yonder skies and together,

we can be as one forever.
You are that crystal in the sand, and you always seem to understand me.

You are my soul mate and fate brought us together.
You are that vision of dreams I have yet to dream about.

You make me want to climb a mountain and shout aloud, how much I love you!

You're my everything, my one hopes' desire, and you make me feel alive, with fire in my soul.

You are to me, the candle that blows in the wind, and you send me love from your heart, and I find you

are in my mind constantly.
You are the echo in the still of the night and I wish for us to take a magical flight together on a cloud,

on the stars, in the shadows, we will become as one yet again.

You are to me the heavens that are in the clouds and you are the soft rain that sprinkles down on me at times.

You are the beauty of a seagull, and you are the moments of loving thoughts, and you are to me,

the birds that chirp their melodious tunes and you are my angel of my dreams.

You are the moon, sun and everything this world contains.

You are to me my everything forever more, and I love you from afar my enchanting prince and I shall be your princess,

in the sky.
You have your eye on me...I just feel it in my heart, and I know I love you, and have from the very start.

So come to me, I long for your touch, hold me...and kiss me softly, like that soft pouring rain drops, and caress my tresses,

and know that our love is blessed and was meant to be.

Hold me so close and tell me I am the one you love the most.

You are loved by me alone, and none other, and you know in your mind, and heart of all hearts, that I am truly all you need in your life.

So marry me and make me your loving wife, and together we'll climb mountains and climb that magical rainbow of love, hopes and dreams,

together...just stay with me forever and let me know, that I am all yours and I shall be yours for the taking.

Just love me, hold me and embrace me in the stillness of the darkened night and be my magical dream come to life...

and always know, I shall love you from afar.

the end...