By NBF News

Rivers State Government on Wednesday fingered a former Governor of the State and an ex-minister for emerging threats to security in the state.

Also on the list of the alleged crisis mongers is a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives who, like the other two, hails from the state.

The allegations were made by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Mr. Magnus Abe, during a press briefing on developments that led to the recent arrest and prosecution of 12 members of a faction of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

Abe alleged thet the three identified top politicians (names withheld) who reside in Abuja, were sponsoring 'a group of cultists and all sorts of gang members' that allegedly gathered somewhere in Port Harcourt before the arrests.

Explaining that, 'there is a clear distinction between politics and what is going on in Rivers State', Abe told reporters that the issues at stake have to do with security and peace in the State. 'This matter is about security. That is what it is. Government will do whatever is required to ensure that we don't allow anybody to disturb the peace and security of Rivers State. That is our commitment, that is our pledge, that is what Rivers people expect of us and regardless of your status, regardless of what position you may have held before or what position that you are holding now, if you act outside the law, the state will resist it'.

Protesting the alleged unbecoming actions of the three prominent sons of the state who are perceived political foes of the regime, Mr. Abe emphasized that those found on the wrong side of lawful conduct would face the music. 'We cannot in all good conscience, leave what we know about where Rivers State is coming from for anybody, regardless of his position or former position to operate outside the law.

'So, in such circumstances, anybody no matter how highly or lowly placed, that operates outside the law will have to answer for it and be accountable for him actions'. The state's chief scribe said the administration would be shirking in its responsibility if it failed to act fast to tackle a serious security problem.

'There are clear indications that if you do not treat issues with the seriousness they deserve, then issues become too serious for you to treat and we are all witnesses to that kind of ineffective government's action in the face of lawlessness.'

He said that people are free to play legitimate politics and do business in the state. 'What is going on in Rivers State has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. Anybody who has politics to play is free to come and play his politics, go about whatever business he wants to go about.