Adultery and Sex

By Melanie Miller

Adultery is a sin, first thing I need to tell others. If you are in an affair where the man or woman that is married or you're married yourself, and cheating on a spouse and condone this act, then you and the other person are in the wrong.

Adultery is a crime in some forgein countries, did you know this? I would not wish to commit adultery on my husband as he is my soul mate, even if he wanted to, does not give me the right to do so. Sex should be special between a woman and a man...and sex is a gift, from God. We should all cherish our mates, boyfriends or girlfriends and if you are married, cherish the marriage you share with your mate.

I am not highly religious mind you, but do feel adultery is wrong act to do. If you know of someone that wishes to do this act, and commit adultery or have an affair on their mate, then talk to this person or persons by all means.

You can lend an ear and talk to others. I am not writing this story for the fun of it. I sincerly want to help others, and I myself did commit adultery a long long time ago, in my first marriage as I was not happy, as he was cruel to me and visious, and I turned to another man, but the bible does tell us and states that if a man forces a wife to commit adultery with his cruelty and abuse then it is much as sin as it is for her sins. Something like this anyways. So if you wish to have sex outside of your marriage, think again. The grass is not always greener on the other side and it can or will only make matters worse. If you love your mate, seek counceling first and tell one another what upsets you. Does your man or woman watch porn and do they tell you they need to see it on dvd or tapes or on the computer, to help their sex life progress and be better with you. Did you know many men and women watch porn, with nude men and woman on it performing sexual act together to spice up their love life and if the husband/wife consent to it and watch it together, it may spice up their love life.

I know my mate had seen adult porn before and told me he would never watch it unless I was with him, but none the less he did watch adult x rated shows behind my back and made me feel two inches tall. That's okay though, as it really does not upset or bother me none, but these days, I feel less of a woman and need comfort from someone else one day, this is if he left me for someone else...but this would be fornication and the bible speaks against fornication as well.

Would it be a grave sin for a woman or man being abused mentally and sexually or physically, and then find another adult partner if they are only living together? According to some religions, it would be a sin to mate with someone outside of marriage. Some folks feel and believe that sex is special and should happen or occur only during a marriage.

There are some people that feel it is not a sin, as Adam and Eve wore not married yet engaed in sexual activity or fornication, and had two sons, named Cain and Able. Do you believe what the scriptures tell you, in the holy bible, of course you have a right to feel the way you wish too, and I am not here to tell you or anyone what to do, how to feel and act.

If you wish to fornicate or have sex outside of marriage, is up to you, and you alone, and think about the consequences though you may have to face down the road. Do you feel sex is normal and natural part of life? If so, you are right. As many people love to make love to their partner. If you feel you are doing something wrong, counceling maybe in order here. I know, I used to seek counceling and did me a world of good, and a therapist can help you in all the things you need to talk about. I do not find partners for sexual intercourse as very content with my mate, that I have. We been together almost nine long years now, and hoping we stay together for a long time to come. Well...I hope you enjoyed reading my article and if it was of some help to you, then I am glad. I can give advice but up to you or a friend of yours, or anyone else reading this article, to decide what is right for you. If you wish to make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend and do not feel guilty about it, even though one is not married then is up to this individual. I am not here to say it is a crime or a sin to engage in sexual activity, but up to the individuals, as sex is a gift and should be in a relationship or marriage, and should not be abused. Some folks think and feel that sex is nasty and a sick thing or act to do, but it is not nasty and sick, if you're in love with the person you are engaed to or married to. I had a grand mother tell me sex was nasty, and I told her, this.."No it is not, sex is wonderful and beautiful." She then said,"It can be with the right person." She agreed with me then. If you feel sex is nasty, then talk to your mate about how you feel or a therapist. There are woman that wore or are sexually abused in the past and feel sex is sinful and sickening as what they have been through. I should know, as I been there, and was sexually abused by a family member, so I can see how a woman would feel sex is dirty and sinful. But in reality, with your mate or husband or wife, it is not wrong to enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner. Well I am ending this article and story combined and in hopes it has helped you in some fashion or way. Thank you for reading my article, it is much appreciated.

the end...