Jonathan and his enemies

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Sir,   It all started like a dream , late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua was hospitalized, Jonathan became Acting President and when he died (Yar'adua)even before his corpse  left Aso Rock for burial  Jonathan was sworn -in as President. As he settle to work so as to try his best in solving Nigeria 's numerous problems, godfathers , praise singers and opportunist distracted him by encouraging him to discard the PDP's gentleman agreement on power zoning and rotation which he himself was a witness to the agreement as Deputy Governor of Bayelsa state.

  President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan seem to be attempting to miss the great and golden opportunity to be among the greatest men in the world courtesy of conducting a free and fair election that he is not a participant. The cabal that surrounded him held him hostage, and retinues of money seekers in the names of Goodluck Jonathan for President 2011 are all over his pockets to try to get what they can.

  Jonathan is surrounded by men and women that envy him and may be scheming to destroy his name, reputation, prestige and dignity. If not, why can't they sincerely advise him to shelve his presidential ambition to some distant future? Already there is an agreement which every noble and respected person usually fulfills his part. And those campaigning for him have already sold him wrongly using tribe, region and religion which led to overheating the polity. Even the sellers of Jonathan project for 2011 are people of questionable character, jesters and have failed in all previous projects they champion for late General Sani Abacha 's live presidency and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo 's third term, and does President Jonathan have the kind of money that can satisfy their thirst for naira in championing his cause?

  We already have a tradition in this country that it is not honorable for any one occupying presidential office when his principal is dead to contest for elections. General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1979 can contest as the Nigerian constitution did not stop him but he decided to fulfill the promise of his principal late General Murtala Muhammed. General Abdulsalam Abubakar also did not contest in 1999 after General Sani Abacha died, his principal even as he can transform himself, but instead he followed the path of honour and handed over power to Obasanjo. Is there any constitutional provision that stops Obasanjo in 1979 and Abubakar in 1999 from contesting? Like Obasanjo 1979, Abubakar 1999, will Jonathan 2011 who his principal also died with his party zoning the presidency to North for 8 years honour the agreement and refuse the temptation to hold on to power ?

  2011 scheming have occupied President Jonathan that if he leaves office next year he can hardly pin -point any achievements of his administration. Unemployment, Insecurity, roads that are death traps, corruption, ill-equip hospitals and poorly motivated doctors etc are increasing by the day. Workers are not paid their salaries and in some cases more than two years and yet he can spend billions on festivities and presidential jets ! Like previous governments, Jonathan's administration did not make any difference. And to be candid and frank, Nigerians are tired of Jonathan led administration. Nigerians are praying and hoping that it will come to an end by May next year.

resident Goodluck Jonathan has already exposed himself and all political calculations predict his defeat woefully at the poll come 2011 if he decides to contest. From his state of origin Bayelsa to other parts of the country there's no state he can confidently boast that he can win in a free and fair election. Will President Jonathan listen to wise counsels of Nigerians that he should respect his party zoning agreement? And he should stop over heating the polity by his presidential ambition. Already due to Jonathan's ambition, Nigerians are now dividing along religious, tribal and regional lines.

  And if President Jonathan has confidence of what he is doing is right about contesting for presidency come 2011, why is he handling it like the way late Abacha did on Tazarce (Tenure elongation) and Obasanjo on third term? It is not late for President Jonathan to disassociate himself from all campaigns for his continuity in office and to declare those that refuse to stop as enemies.   Nigeria is above our personal interest and its peaceful co-existence is the most important. A word is enough for the wise.   Yours Faith fully Shehu Mustapha Chaji