By NBF News

Big Brother presenter IK
Viewers may be in for more surprises tomorrow night as another eviction looms big. Last week, Big Brother shocked not a few when he sent evicted Sammi and Hannington right into The Barn rather than their different countries. So, who knows the surprise packet awaiting the evicted housemate on Sunday? Home or The Barn?

This week's nominations had thrown Munya and Lerato up for eviction, after Head of House, Tatiana once more saved herself and put Lerato in her place. Uti, Lerato, Meryl, Sheila and even Barnmate Hannington had nominated both Munya and Tatiana - for almost exactly the same reasons. Tatiana was first to go into the Diary Room, nominating Lerato and Sheila because of their alliance, adding that they were only trying to get close to her because she is Head of House.

In contrast, Uti struggled to come up with a name, but finally settled on Munya, saying that he found it difficult to trust him.  He then nominated Tatiana because she would be able to save herself. He also pointed out that both Tatiana and Munya had gone just about all the way to the end of the game in their respective seasons, so it was time to 'give other housemates a chance at the prize'.

Lefato nominated Tatiana, without knowing that the Angolan had nominated her. Her reason was the consensus - Tatiana would use her power to save herself. She then nominated Munya because she felt that he was acting too suave.  Meryl nominated Munya because she felt he has a strategy - and that strategy is working and also because he is a strong player. Her reason for nominating Tatiana was that she was good friends with Munya and it would be interesting to pit the two against each other - especially with Tatiana as Head of House. Sheila nominated Tatiana for the same reason as Lerato, and Munya because she felt he was playing the ladies against each other. Hannington nominated Tatiana, for replacing herself with him and unwittingly getting him sent to The Barn even though he told her during his 'dagger throw' (thrown at Sheila) that he had no bad feelings. He picked up on his fellow housemates' vibe and nominated Munya because he felt he was playing the housemates off against each other.

Paloma and Kaone both nominated Meryl, while Paloma's second nomination went to Munya and Kaone's to Tatiana. Paloma picked Munya because she felt he was a strong contender and she wished to eliminate some competition. Tatiana was Kaone's choice because she could save herself. Kaone explained that he and Paloma were using Tatiana as bait in their plan to nullify the alliance between Lerato, Meryl, Uti and Sheila. He said that he had nominated Meryl because they had got off on the wrong foot after their altercation last week which saw Meryl calling him 'ungrateful' in an argument over the frying pan.

Mwisho entered the Diary Room after bizarrely pausing and asking his housemates if any of them would volunteer to be nominated - unsurprisingly, nobody obliged! Settling down for his nomination session, he picked Sheila and Uti, saying that he wanted to break their 'partnership'. Code nominated Meryl because he couldn't decide whether she is a friend or foe. Lerato was his second nomination, since he felt she is the leader of the female pack. Jennifer was quick to nominate Munya and Sheila. Though she claimed it was nothing personal, she did admit she felt Sheila will nominate her at some point. Yacob followed the general trend and reasoning for nominating Tatiana, before nominating Meryl, whom he said was loud and nagging as she kept asking him to do things for her, which he found irritating. Munya's nominations were based on the same bizarre reason as last week - he nominated Uti and Yacob because their countries are furthest from his homeland. Barnmate Sammi nominated Munya because he felt that he was hiding behind everyone, and Sheila because he felt someone must foil her conspiracies.

Now that Lerato and Munya are up for elimination. Who leaves the Big Brother house tomorrow? One thing is certain though, the Housemate who receives the least number of votes will be evicted. You can still vote to keep a nominated housemate in the game.