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Isa Yuguda Unleashes Security Agents On Ex-wife


All appears not to be going well within the first family of Bauchi State. This is following the un-ceremonious ejection of Governor Isa Yuguda's third wife, Mariya Yuguda out of the Isa Yuguda's home by her husband, the Governor of Bauchi State. As learnt, the eventualities that resulted to the embarrassing ejection, also led the Governor of Bauchi State into unleashing security agents to monitor and/or spy on his ex-wife. Available information indicates that the Governor is uneasy over the split largely because of the wealth of secrets in her possession – of which knowledgeable observers suspect are near criminal.

The Governor of Bauchi State, in the early weeks of June 2010, ejected his 3rd wife out of his home for failing to attend his father-in-law's burial in Katsina State. The Governor who was also peeved over the closeness of his wife to his political opponents/ perceived enemies in the persons of Senator Bala Mohammed [FCT Minister] and Malam Yayale Ahmed [Secretary to the Federal Government]. The Governor had suspected the 3rd wife of leaking sensitive information to both gentlemen with intent to undermine his administration.

In his calculations, the ejection may have further pushed her into the welcoming arms of his political enemies – which, according to keen observers in Abuja, are growing in numbers since the demise of the former President. As gathered authoritatively by, the Bauchi State Governor was reported to have come to Abuja in a desperate need to meet with President Jonathan over his growing problems in Bauchi State and over his 2011 gubernatorial re-election campaign – but was not able to gain access to the President. The Governor who was sighted pleading with the Secretary to the Federal Government [SFG] to arrange for a private meeting with the President was said to be saddened when the SFG rebuffed him. The FCT Minister was also reported to have rebuffed his request in a manner that indicated that graver matters were yet to unravel.

Coupled with the surprising ruling by the judiciary forcing him to work with a deputy governor he had labored to have impeached, the Bauchi State Governor has reverted to a defensive stance. Through this measure, Yuguda opted to unleash his security apparatus on his close and former close associates to monitor them closely. Immediate on the list of close associate was his wife, Mariya. Information has it that Isa Yuguda, in fear, assigned secret security operatives to monitor the 3rd wife's activities in Abuja.

Already, the wife's people have begun to express concerns over the safety of Mariya. As gathered, her aides are said to be mulling over the matter – whether to report it to the police. Unconfirmed information available to indicate that Mariya have hired a lawyer. The lawyer is believed to have been briefed to file a civil suit against her Husband for damages.

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