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Andrew is a prominent dealer in cocoa products . He's a young man in his early thirties. Andrew was not educated, because he lost his father when he was five years old, but his only brother put him through their late father's cocoa business.

Good-looking and possesing a great sense of humor. Andrew loves meeting people and making friends too. He is a philantropist and down-to-earth.

By a dint of hard work and shrewdness, his cocoa business thrived and flourished and Andrew was able to erect a two-storey building.

Overtime he built eight other decent buildings in different parts of Ibadan . Each time he went to inspect these buildings, he always noticed a young beautiful lady, Bunmi, a 400 Level residing in one of his buildings.

He was attracted to Bunmi, who was oblivious to his feelings. For this reason, he reduced the monthly rent from N700 to N400, and later told Bunmi and her friend to oversee the house and that they should no longer pay rent , ostensibly because he noticed they were well behaved.

Andrew showered gifts on Bunmi and Angelina her friend.

After a while, they became intimate and Andrew proposed to her. It was not easy.

Now Bunmi is a university graduate and she's not quite comfortable with Andrew's illiteracy, but Andrew made-up for all he lacks in education with his pleasant personality and business acumen. Bunmi did not quite find it easy to reject Andrew. Would you consider marrying a rich illiterate, irresptive of the factor led to such a predicament as they say love knows no disparity and that love is emotion, not sentiment?

-Excerpts from our respondents..
I cannot marry a rich illiterate no matter the economic hardship I'm facing.

I know my future is bright and I would make it some day. Many men who have lost hope would quickly grab such opportunity, because they believe they are destined to die poor.

Marrying an illiterate is not too good, because she will not be presentable before my friends. How would she be able to present a speech at an occasion , if I were the chairman, a commissioner, or an important dignitary?

That is why many rich men have more than one wife. They have an housewife and others that are younger to accompany them wherever they go.

She can get a husband in the village. She can marry a farmer, hunter or palm-wine taper to mention but a few.

They would be on the same wavelength and they would understand each other without any problems.

It will be difficult being a husband to a rich illiterate lady, because there will be communication gaps between us. Some day there could be a misunderstanding which would cause a lot of problems in the family.

It depends on me. I can marry him, if I love him and he's my dream husband. If he is an illiterate but rich, with his money I can educate him. I'll start by getting him a teacher, thereafter I will make him behave the way an average man would behave. I'll make him sociable. For example, his dressing and interactions in the public would have to change. After all, love conquers all things.

Finally, marriage or love is not marrying a perfect person but loving the imperfect person perfectly.

This is very dicey to really attempt. Sometimes we cannot just work out things based on our understanding.

I have seen instances where female university graduates ended-up marrying craftsmen and artisans , and they lived peacefully and happier than some other families.

Look, it is simply what you want in life. There are many rich homes whose experience is nothing to write about.

God's directive is what matters most to me. It's not all about money or education, although education is very vital in one's life. This cannot be ruled out.

I cannot marry an illiterate, whether he's rich or poor. No matter the effort made to educate him, it will be a bit difficult . For instance, he is no longer a young man and he has more responsibilities to tackle including business, children and many other things. Where is the time for education here? Rather he would want to train or educate his children.

So, it is a risky game to think one could marry an illiterate and say after-all after marriage he would get a personal teacher to coach him. It is easier said than done. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Whatever you could not achieve early in life could be difficult to achieve later in life.

No one wants to get involved in any form of liability anymore.

If he is rich but illiterate, let him educate himself before marriage, because after marriage, I tell you, it is difficult to combine education with your job. Add to that the challenges of raising a family.

What work does he do that makes him so rich and influential but could not avail him the privilege to be educated?

Yes, I can marry a rich illiterate, provided he really loves me . Love is the bedrock of every home. Marriage is not based on the physical condition of either party or material benefits to be derived, but must portray and reflect true love. I mean unconditional love. That is when we can have a happy family.

Illiterate girl bawo? I can, if she is into genuine business. But I wouldn't , if it happened she inherited the wealth and she's not ready to work. If she is really a serious person and ready to learn, I might marry her and brush her up to my taste.

Rich and Illiterate spouses are not compatible in the first place. Marrying an educated man would be a time bomb waiting to explode , because the wife is rich. She will want to dominate the home and even be the bread winner.