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Delectable actress and singer, Stella Damasus Aboderin means different things to different people within and outside showbiz. To her teeming fans, she stands out as a beautiful and talented actress who has touched and affected lives positively. But others also feel that she is star with a good amount of ego, apparently because she is now a celebrity.

It would be recalled that since the pretty actress lost her husband, Jaiye Aboderin a few years back, life has not been the same again as she confessed to having lost a true companion in her late husband. She once reacted to a question about who she could compare to her husband "I don't want to put any man under pressure by having to compare him with my late husband. I don't know about plans of remarrying now."

And while many critics in the entertainment sector have raised issues with how Stella has been constantly paired with the same stars in Nollywood, there are people who believe that her roles in movies have nothing to do with any illicit relationships. But to underscore her prowess in the acting profession, Stella has, in addition to her roles in many movies, featured in a Kingsley Ogoro film entitled Widow. For playing a lead role in the movie, Damasus Aboderin has indeed played herself into character much as she depicts the ordeals of widowhood having been a widow herself for over three years.

Her controversial life notwithstanding, Stella remains unruffled and focused as a rising and talented artiste. This is perhaps why she has vowed to carry on with her late husband's legacies in the entertainment sector.

Aside being a popular face on the screen, she has also won several awards, both locally and internationally. She recently changed the name of the band she used to manage with her late husband from Synergy to G.Factor. She also has Angels and Bells as the name of her new Wedding/ Events planning outfit which she registered recently.

Expectedly too, there are plans by Stella to kickstart her long awaited talk show on TV soon. Also, her long awaited African Shop, which her late husband had always wanted her to anchor is on the way.
Damasus who started first as a club singer before hitting prominence in the movie industry, was also banned for one year, alongside some of her colleagues in 2005, by movie marketers, for what they described as unprofessional conduct.

On how she has coped with life since her husband' death, Damasus hinted "I won't say I have coped. I'm just surviving and God has also helped me immensely."

It would be recalled that Damasus first met her late husband at a hang out called Jazzville in Lagos. They started out as friends after which they got married and raised two children. Her acting career climaxed with a scintillating role in Breaking Point and shortly after this, she became a darling of top movie makers.