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Determined to check the illegal export and import of films and video works in the country, the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), has come out with an import/export license policy to check the importation or exportation of films and video works.

According to the new policy, prospective importers of films and video works shall pay N100, 000:00 to acquire an import license to be issued by the Board.

Apparently to encourage the exportation of local films and video works, the Board also announced the sum of N20, 000:00 as export licence fee for exporters.

It would be recalled that since Emeka Mba took over as the Director-General, the Board has initiated moves to check the illegal importation or exportation of films and video works in the country. The Board last year signed a memorandum of understanding with the management of the nation's Sea Ports, Airports and land boarders to check this malaise.

A letter from the Board, signed by the Director-General, to that effect, noted that “about 90% of foreign films imported into the country were uncensored and unclassified, and in fact imported without the knowledge of the NFVCB”.

According to the Board, it was left with no alternative than to come out with a procedure for importation and exportation of film/video works in the country. The Director-General noted that in arriving at that, the Board ensured that the procedure was not cumbersome. The essence of the directive, Mba said, is to ensure that exporters or importers of films comply with the necessary requirement as stipulated by law.

The Director-General, declared, “It is no longer news that Nigerian films are on sale all over the world These films are exported without the requisite approval from the Board. Most of these films fall short of the statutory requirements and regulations made by the Board”.