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The Beginning:
My name is Mrs. Efe Orhorha, formerly Efe Mayford. I am the daughter of late Felicia Mayford. I hail from a family of four chilfren of which I am the third. I obtained a Diploma in Public Administration and I intend to further my education this year by the grace of God. I started my acting career in 1995. I started with Performance Studio workshop headed by Chuck Mike. Who gave me the basic stage training.

After that, I have done a couple of stage performances with Bayo Oduneye, Felix Okolo, Sola Fosudo and others. I have done a lot of movies too. My first Soap Opera was in the 80's it was entitled: Whirlwind on NTA network. Afterwards, I featured in Blaze of Glory with Tajudeen Adepetu. Mr. Charles Owoyemi's The Firm, and Ulala, which is a new one. My first movie was Glamour Girl's part 1 in 1995. Other include, Beyond Obligation, Expensive Game, Undesirable and many more.
My parents are late now, they were both entertainers. My father worked with the likes of Baba Sala. His name is Olubumi Mayford Ige. He was a magician in the 80's.

I completed my secondary education in 1994. When I heard that there was an audition going on at the Performing Studio Workshop, I decided to go and get some training since I was not doing anything. That was how I got to know they train students for one year. So, in 1995, I did my first major production that has to do with female genital mutilation. The girl that was supposed play the lead role was not around, I was given the opportunity to play the lead and that was how I started acting on stage.

Growing up was difficult
I had so many ups and downs. My father died when my siblings and I were quite young, that was in 1982; I was six years old then. My mother had to struggle to make sure we get the necessary training we required to make head way in life. She single handedly brought us up. My father was rich before his death but after his demise, his brothers took everything he had and left my mother and us in the cold. she had to toil day and night to raise us, unfortunately she did not live to enjoy the fruits of her labour. My primary education was not easy. I attended Sanya Primary School, Ikolodo Secondary School on Bode Thomas.

Role interpretation
I got my basic training on stage from Chuck Mike on theatre development and improvisation. We were actually trained on all aspects of the theatre. If I want to interpret a role, all I do is to forget about Efe and then get into character. I must tell you that it's not realy difficult to interpret a role. I am praying to have a very challenging role in which I will have to behave like an old woman, though I have done it once in one of my soap operas with Victor Eriabe. All my roles are challenging and I pray to have more challenging roles.

My Heritage:
It's a honour, a privilege. My mother is a role model anytime any day. When I was in secondary school, she used to tell me 'Come let me take you into the movie industry' I believe in God, I am not after anybody; I am not competing with anybody. I am doing my work and I never listened to what she used to tell me. It was after she died that people started hearing about Efe Mayford. I could have used that opportunity but I didn't want to get job based on man-know-man, because of my mother. If you have a job you know I can do, give me the job. There was a time someone recommended me to a producer. The producer said he had not seen me before but that I should come. After my first reading, he said wow! where have you been, you act like Joke Silva. I give God the glory.

Role models
My mother, Joke Jacob, Liz Benson, RMD and my husband.

Sex for role:
It has not been like that for me. It has to do with individual. It has to do with how you portray yourself; if you look indecent, every producer would want to have you. There is a way you compose yourself and anybody that have that in mind would have a rethink. I have not had such an experience.