How To Overcome Internet Or Social Media Addiction In This Digital Age!!!

By Rotimi Onadipe

In this digital age, the whole world is now full of advanced technology and innovations. We are now in the era of smartphones, iPad, internet & social media.

Technology is very important in almost every aspect of our daily life but we must be informed about the dangers of being addicted to it.

There is nothing bad in using the internet or social media but when its usage is affecting our life negatively, it poses a problem and we need to address the problem before it becomes uncontrollable.

Technology addiction is a growing problem which is affecting a lot of mobile phone users in this digital age.

On daily basis, internet or social media addiction is breaking homes and ruining lives spiritually, morally, psychologically, academically & financially.

A lot of youths are now in psychiatric hospitals, many have died untimely while others have been jailed for cybercrime related offences due to their addiction to the internet.

Our ignorance about the dangers of internet or social media addiction can put our lives at risks of being controlled by technology addiction. A typical example is internet addiction.

What is internet addiction?
Internet addiction is simply defined as excessive use of the internet that interferes with daily life.

Signs of Internet Addiction:
1. Spending too much time on the internet.
2. Excessive sleepiness in school or office.
3. Telling lies about the amount of time spent online.

4. Having many social media accounts.
5. Feeling bad when no one likes your post on social media.

6. Feeling depressed when social media is inaccessible.

7. Thinking about the next online activity almost every time.

8. Using the internet as a way of escape from challenges.

9. Checking social media accounts & platforms very early in the morning every day.

10. Chatting secretly on social media in school or office.

11. When you enjoy online relationship more than real life relationship.

12. When people always complain that you spend too much time online.

13. Poor performance in school e.g. dropping grades or missing lectures, assignment etc.

14. Loss of appetite.
15. Sleeping late in the night.
16. Ignoring personal cleanliness.
17. Isolation from friends and family members.
How to overcome internet addiction:
1. Acknowledge the problem.
2. Delete applications that you don't really need on your device.

3. Set boundaries and limit the time you spend online.

4. Always think about the side effects before you go online.

5. Reduce the number of your social media accounts and platforms.

6. Delete contacts of friends whose discussions online don't add any value to your life.

7. Tell friends & family members about your addiction.

8. Switch off your phone at a particular time in the night before you go to bed.

9. Ask yourself what you have gained every time you go online.

10. Create a profitable alternative to replace the time you spend online.

11. Seek help from professionals.
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