Beyond Religion And Culture:

By Odimegwu Onwumere

When I saw the video, I decided to watch it, given the boy's look. It is pathetic that this Rwandan said to have been born in 1998, couldn't speak any language and had difficulty to understand, being the reason he was not sent to school. The testament by the mother when film documentarians went for him, had it that the boy loved the jungle so much and wasn't good with the human habitat.

He loved eating grass and fresh food but due to poverty, the parents could barely provide fresh food for him always. The mother said the boy was a good sprinter such that he could cover areas within a blink, hence she had a twisted rope she would go chasing after him with the help of the villagers who always cajole him to her dislike. But one thing!!! The boy should not be denigrated in any comments.

It was the wish of the parents that their God should give them a deformed child who will live since they lost other children, and they got what they wished. The point here is, as individuals, we should avoid making hasty decisions, without a rethink.

The boy's situation is pathetic. But his delivery could be for a reason or a lesson.

Nov. 23 2020.