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Name: Michael Ezuruonye

Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Family: Eldest son, 4 siblings

Secondary school education: Federal Government College Wukari, in the former Gongola State, actual Taraba State. Archbishop Aggey Memorial Secondary School, Lagos State.

University education: Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Degree: Major in Accounting.

The beginning
Right from primary school, Michael showed a keen interest in the world of television. He worked behind the camera writing scripts on clapper board television.
A good friend of movie producer Jetta Amata, Michael has always been involved in some capacity in the world of Arts and Theater despite having studied Accounting.

The break
He was buying fuel at a gas station when he was spotted by Ruke Amata of the Amata Dynasty and this happy coincidence set him on tracks to pursue his most cherished dream of becoming an actor.

The rise to fame
Popularly nicknamed Fair Mike, the handsome actor quickly proved his talent and capabilities to convince some of the most influential decision makers in Nollywood, namely director Aquilla Njamah and producer Emem Isong to give him a chance. Director Dickson Iroegbu gave him his big break in the movie "Broken Marriage."

"Critical Decision" was the huge commercial success that revealed Micheal's talent home and abroad.
It also made him a household name as well as it established him on the very select list of the most sought after leading men in Nollywood.
His shot to fame is the quickest ever observed in the history of Nollywood by any standards, male and female alike.His story is sometimes likened to the fairy tale Cinderella.
Though he started his professional career in December 2003, he is today the undisputed most popular leading man and he never looked back.

To give credit where credit is due, Michael gives accolades to the people who gave him his break and believed in him when he still had everything to prove, namely Aquilla Njamah, Emem Isong, Gabriel Moses and Dickson Iroegbu.
He is ever grateful to the public home and abroad who adopted him instantly and made him the fastest rising star in the Nollywood sky. He is devoted to stay worthy of their following by remaining the hardest working leading man around.
And last but not least, his eternal gratitude goes to his loving mother for standing by him all the way.

To date Michael has featured in more than 30 home movies among which the critically acclaimed "Critical Decision", "Endless Passion", "Occultic Kingdom", "Unforeseen", and "Beyond Reason."