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Olapeju (l) and Prof. Afolabi holding the torch at the launch of LAFGECA

The dream of King's College to own a website finally came true, recently, as the institution launched its official website- Songs of joy and victory filled the mouths of both the students and the teachers at the event.

But the Special Guest of Honour and Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, Professor Oladapo Afolabi, noted that Nigeria, as well as institutions in the country, are catching up with the technology age much too late.

This, he advised should awaken the consciousness in the people to address the country's information acquisition status, or be totally plunged in a world of information disconnect.

He charged the students to make good use of the web to access any information about the institution and its array of programmes. Prof. Afolabi commended the management of the school under the leadership of Otunba Dele Olapeju, explaining that the Federal Ministry of Education is impressed with the growth that has crept into the school in recent times.

Otunba Olapeju maintained that King's College has moved from analogue to digital. He said, 'King's College has proven its name. Its products have held the pillars of this nation on many occasions when the country was on the verge of collapse.' I'm embarrassed that it is rather taking us too late to launch a website, but it is never too late, it is better late than never.'

He said that the occasion was not just to launch a website for the sake of it, but because the school wants to continue to remain on the international super high way of information technology. Olapeju explained that the website would be an interactive one that will bring a lot of innovation.

The various features of the King's College website allow for interaction from the alumni association and from people who want to get special information about the school.

Shortly after the launch of the website, the guests moved to another venue within the premises for the official launch of the Lagos First Generation Colleges Association (LAFGECA 9).

LAFGECA 9 is the name for the first nine schools, that came into Lagos State before the advent of other schools. The schools are King's College, Queen's College, St. Gregory's College, Methodist Boy's High School, Baptist Academy, CMS Grammar School, Eko Boy's High School, St. Finbarr's College and Anwar-UL-Islam College.

LAFGECA said in its programme distributed at the event that the formation of the association was inspired by the need to embark on a deliberate programme towards nurturing the innate skills and special abilities of today's youths, reminiscent of the golden age of college sports rivalry and academic excellence. 'It is intended to rekindle the age-long fraternity that existed among the first generation colleges, the products of which are now the major players in the socio-political and economic landscape of the country.' It said.

As soon as the association's torch was lit, nine schools under this umbrella body thrilled the crowd with march past, football fixtures, parades and unveiling of the mascot and the association's logo.