Today's Christian Devotion 02 - 04 - 2020

By The Nigerian Voice
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We tagged it "VISION 2020" but God carved it out as a year of RETRIBUTION FOR OUR SINS". Indeed, the anger of God takes time but it grinds very well.

Brethren, what has happened to our "TEN COMMANDMENTS", a guideline God gave us to enable us live a good and happy life?. You and I jettisoned it and carved out our own commandments to suit our lifestyles. Our reward is "CORONA VIRUS". God is still a merciful God.

He inflicted the Israelites with plagues in the wilderness after they rebelled against him and moses for bringing them out of Egypt to die in the wilderness. Despite everything, God forgave them and still brought them to the promised land.

Let us repent of our sins and go back to God for he's worthy and able to let it go, in Jesus mighty name, amen. Think Jesus, live Jesus. Heaven is real, Hell is real too. The choice is yours.

Good morning and have a rethink able day.